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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"The art of levitation is but one of many I must master in order to be worthy of my calling!"

-- Dr. Strange, page 2

Thor and Dr. Strange meet for the first time...sort of!


Doctor Strange from Strange Tales #123
August 1964 9 pages

Script: Stan Lee Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: Steve Ditko Inks: George Roussos

Title: "The Challenge of Loki!

Villain: Loki

Guest Appearance: Thor

Cameo: Odin

Letters Page: No letters page in this issue!

Synopsis: Loki, the Norse god of mischief, dreams up a plan to get back at his accursed enemy, his half-brother Thor. While he is entrapped in Asgard as punishment for past misdeeds, he sends a spirit form of himself down to Earth to fool a human into helping him. He appears before Dr. Strange, bound in chains and pleading for help against Thor, who he claims is trying to conquer the planet. Dr. Strange senses great evil in the chains around Loki, and burns them off with a mystical spell. He agrees to try and bring Thor's hammer back to Loki, in order to depower the god of thunder. Dr. Strange casts a spell that sends a mystical hand out to grab ahold of the hammer and bring it back to them. Thor is shocked to see a floating hand take his hammer, and he begins a freefall towards Earth's surface.

Meanwhile, Loki dreams of what he will do once he gains control of the hammer. But Dr. Strange still feels evil vibrations, and realizes they were not from the chains, they were from Loki! He tries to recant the spell he had just cast, but Loki attacks him. In his spirit form, he is less powerful, but still feels like he can dominate a human like Dr. Strange. The human magician is definitely outgunned by the god Loki, but he uses some deception of his own to fool Loki into attacking illusions of himself, then he sneaks behind him in his astral form and recants the spell. Thor's hammer returns to him in mid-flight and he is saved. Dr. Strange tries to imprison Loki back in the Purple Veil, but the god is too strong for him and is about to defeat him when Thor arrives nearby, chasing him back to Asgard.

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

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