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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"When it comes to affairs of the heart, I really am a blind man!”

-- Matt Murdock, p. 19

What a knock-out, pop-art panel from Bob Powell and Wally Wood!

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Daredevil #11
December 1965 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Bob Powell • Inks: Wally Wood

Title: “A Time To Unmask!”

Villain: The Organization: The Organizer/Abner Jonas, Ape Man, Bird Man, Frog Man, Deborah Harris

Guest Appearance: Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Karen Page, Bernard Harris, Milton Monroe, Cat Man

Innovations: Organizer's secret identity revealed as Abner Jonas

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Synopsis: (continued from Daredevil #10)

Bird Man dives down on Daredevil, who is standing outside the ledge of the Organization's hideout, where Ape Man and Debbie Harris wait for further instructions from their mysterious leader, the Organizer. Bird Man pulls DD off the ledge, and he uses his billy club to acrobatically swing himself into a lower floor. Knowing that DD will come back soon, Bird Man joins up with his teammates, and Ape Man ties Debbie Harris to a chair, hoping to fool DD into continuing to believe she is an innocent victim. The villains take off, and when Daredevil enters the room, he sees Debbie pretending to be in fear for her life from her abduction. He unties her and tells her to go home, but he follows her, hoping she'll lead him to her boss. Instead, she goes to see Foggy, who consoles her after her "ordeal." DD looks on at this facade, wondering who in the Reform Party is really the Organizer.

Meanwhile, Cat Man is ready to deliver the dirt on his crime boss. He tells them that the Organizer's plan is to make it so Abner Jonas wins the election by making the Reform Party look sympathetic. Foggy debates his continued role with the Reform Party with Matt, accusing his blind partner of being jealous. Matt challenges Foggy to join him in exposing them. Foggy accepts, if only to prove Matt wrong. They go meet Bernard Harris, Abner Jonas and Milton Monroe, and Matt tells the leaders of the party that he knows who the Organizer is, and has the details locked in his safe.

Predictably, the Organizer sends his animal goons out to get the content's of Matt's safe. As Karen, Foggy and Matt re-enter their office, they find it ransacked. This proves to Foggy that one of the men who leads the Reform Party is really the Organizer. The three begin to follow Reform Party members Jonas, Harris and Monroe to try and find out which might be the Organizer, but each come up empty. Matt decides to once again follow Debbie Harris- as Daredevil! He stands outside her window as she receives a closed-circuit TV message from her boss, telling her to help make sure the Mayor meets with an untimely accident. She declares he's finally gone too far, and he threatens her life. Daredevil jumps into her room, and she confesses that she's been a part of the conspiracy. DD demands she help him put a close to this mission.

She calls on Frog Man to meet her at the mansion, but on his way in, Daredevil meets up with Frog Man and beats him unconscious, stealing his costume and putting it on. As Frog Man, he is able to enter the Organizer's hideout. He opens up a television camera communication with the police and the TV news, then engages the Organizer in conversation that convicts him on film, and when the Organizer realizes he's been had, he commands Bird Man and Ape Man to do away with the turncoat "Frog Man." Daredevil is able to fight off his assailants, but they catch him under a trap door and he falls to his supposed death. The Organizer and his last two henchmen take off to try and reorganize, but "Frog Man" is only stunned. He dresses back as Daredevil after they leave and heads to the Reform Party press conference.

As Foggy tries to help figure out who the Organizer is, he meets stiff resistance from Abner Jonas. All of a sudden, Ape Man and Bird Man swoop down and take Jonas hostage. Daredevil breaks in and tries to stop the two goons. During the fight, Abner Jonas tries to shoot at the villains, but misses each time. Daredevil wages a battle royale and eventually wins out over the deadly duo. With his physical combatants deposed, Daredevil concentrates like never before on his radar sense, trying to locate his target: the Organizer. He finds him in the next room, Abner Jonas tackled on the ground by Foggy Nelson. Daredevil focuses his evidence on the fact that Abner Jonas is wearing the same ring as the Organizer wore, as well as the fact that his animal henchmen were actually trying to help him make it look like he wasn't the Organizer by attacking him.

Back at their law offices, Karen tries to help Foggy feel better about himself for being suckered by the Reform Party by giving him a peck on the cheek. Matt senses this and feels it is something more substantive than it is, and he decides to go on a vacation. Foggy and Karen try to talk him out of it, but he tells them he really wants to visit some foreign countries. Foggy is happy to see him go, since it will give him more time alone with Karen, but again Foggy feels like a heel for treating his friend this way. But Karen doesn't want him to leave at all, as she knows in her heart, she loves him. Matt thinks it will be better for all if he's not around.

--synopsis by Gormuu

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