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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"You're wrong! It's not three against one! It's three against Daredevil! There's a mighty big difference!”

-- Daredevil, to the Fellowship of Fear, p. 14

Swing, batta, swing!

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Daredevil #6
February 1965 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Wally Wood • Inks: Wally Wood

Title: “Trapped By...the Fellowship of Fear!”

Origin/First Appearance: Mr. Fear/Zoltan Drago, The Fellowship of Fear

Villain: The Fellowship of Fear: Mr. Fear, the Ox, the Eel

Guest Appearance: Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Karen Page

Cameo: Zoltan Drago's Wax Museum statues: the Chameleon, Rama-Tut, Mysterio, Spider-Man, Captain America,the Owl, Electro, Dr. Doom, Hate Monger, Diablo, the Beetle, Kraven, Baron Zemo, Iron Man, the Toad, Mr. Doll, Black Knight, the Tomorrow Man, the Melter,Hulk, Cyclops, the Thing, Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Dr. Strange, Loki, Reed Richards, Magneto, Thor, Skrull, Cobra, Giant-Man, Iceman, Green Goblin

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Synopsis: Daredevil notices that a film crew is busy in the city streets, shooting footage of a robbery taking place. Something seems amiss, though, as Daredevil senses that the action taking place is not movie magic, but real! He overhears the "actors" whispering to each other about their crime plot, and he leaps down upon them. It's the Ox, formerly of the Enforcers, and the Eel, two villains who are busy knocking over a store while the film crew they duped provide them a clever cover for their actions. Daredevil tries to knock out the rough and tough Ox, and also tries to grab ahold of the slippery eel, but he's unable to defeat them both, and when their boss shows up, a caped mystery man called Mr. Fear, he is shot at with a gas pellet that induces the cold grip of fear over his psyche. Daredevil can't help but run away from his fight.

The villains make good their escape, and when the police show up, they quiz the film crew, who claim that the villains duped them into thinking they were shooting a TV commercial. Later, DD realizes how afraid he was, and wonders why he became so scared in his fight. Back at Nelson & Murdock, Matt, Karen and Foggy discuss Daredevil's apparent cowardice, as well as wondering who the real Mr. Fear is.

Little do they know that Mr. Fear is actually a fellow named Zoltan Drago, a manager of a wax museum which showcases dozens of lifelike statues of super-heroes and villains. He has a mad desire to bring his statues to life, so he dedicates himself to working on a magic potion that will do that. In the meantime, he accidentally creates a potion that, when applied in gaseous form, causes humans to submit to pangs of overwhelming fear. Drago realizes this is his ticket to being a master criminal, and immediately sets out to find partners to help him in his wave of crime. He rules out the likes of the "all too powerful" Dr. Doom, Baron Zemo and Diablo, and settles on seeking the aid of the Ox and the Eel. He hunts them down through underworld contacts, and uses his fear gas to persuade them to join him.

Back in real time, Mr. Fear announces the unveiling of a Daredevil statue at his wax museum, hoping to draw the hero out so the Fellowship of Fear can rid themselves of his interference. Foggy hears about it, and they all decide to head down to see the Daredevil unveiling. While there, Matt senses the scent of Mr. Fear's gas, and he quickly realizes that he's connected to this wax museum. Foggy notices the Ox peeking through a side door, and realizes also that there is a criminal on the loose at the museum. He decides to come back later that night and investigate, so as not to alarm Matt and Karen. Also, Matt decides to return later- as Daredevil!

Later that night, Daredevil enters the wax museum, walking through the halls as the Eel and the Ox pretend to be statues so they can take him by surprise. But Daredevil can sense their heartbeats without seeing them move, and he manages to parry their attack. Foggy shows up, getting in the middle of the action to try and help Daredevil. Mr. Fear fires his fear gas at Daredevil again, once more turning him into a scaredy-cat. Foggy grabs at Mr. Fear's mask, getting a slight look at his face, but the Ox barrels past Daredevil and lands a massive punch on Foggy, knocking him clean out! Once the panic has lifted from Daredevil, the villains have escaped and there's nothing to do but take Foggy to the hospital.

Karen is called to the emergency room, where Matt greets her. The doctor says Foggy has suffered a severe concussion and will be closely monitored. Matt decides to take a break to change into Daredevil and monitor the situation from outside. The Fellowship of Fear arrive at the hospital dressed as surgeons to take care of Foggy, who they think has witnessed Mr. Fear's secret identity. Daredevil, who is hanging around outside the hospital window, recognizes the orderlies as the villains. He leaps through the window and takes them completely by surprise. He grabs the Eel, who is out of his slippery suit, and swings him around by the feet, knocking the Ox and Mr. Fear over like bowling pins. Mr. Fear has forgotten his gun, so he is ineffective in battle. Daredevil turns the lights out and starts going to town on the villains, leaving them no option but to escape the hospital.

As Karen maintains a vigil by Foggy, the Fellowship of Fear have returned to Mr. Fear's wax museum. The Ox and the Eel begin to question Mr. Fear's leadership, and he does damage control trying to maintain control. But Daredevil hops down from a pedestal where he has been posing as a wax figure, and the fight is oncea gain, on. Mr. Fear fires a gas bullet at DD, but he made sure to stand in front of an exhaust fan, which pushes the fear gas towards the Ox and the Eel, momentarily debilitating them with fear. DD kicks Mr. Fear's gun out the window, and leaps out of the Ox's punch so he can toss a bucket of sand on the Eel. The Ox grabs DD in a bear hug, but the blind hero plays possum and waits until released, then springs back into action with a foot kick to his jaw. Ox gets confused telling the difference between the real DD and the wax figure, and Daredevil puts that to his advantage by pushing him down the stairs into the basement. He captures all three villains and ties them to a chair, waiting for the police to arrive to take them away.

As Matt Murdock, he returns to the hospital to check on Foggy. It turns out he's okay, and they all return to their normal lives.

--synopsis by Gormuu

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