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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Not for nothing do I call myself the Owl! Not merely because I bear a slight physical resemblance to the nocturnal bird of prey which you see perched on my shoulder! No...there is another reason!”

-- The Owl, introducing himself to his new flunkies, p. 10

Daredevil "watches" over his city.

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Daredevil #3
August 1964 • 22 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Joe Orlando • Inks: Vince Colletta

Title: “The Owl, Ominous Overlord of Crime!”

Villain: The Owl, "Sad Sam" Simms, "Ape" Horgon

First Appearance: The Owl, "Sad Sam" Simms, "Ape" Horgon, George Gray

Guest Appearance: Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Karen Page, George Gray

Death: George Gray

Innovations: Shoulder pouch designed for street-clothes concealment

Letters Page: (no letters page in this issue)

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Synopsis: The menacing figure of a high-powered businessman called the Owl cuts through the hallways of a city skyscraper. He walks into a room where he greets his accountant, who tells him he's being accused of fraud. The Owl tells him that he is the fall guy for his criminal behavior, and that he has made sure that the accountant will be blamed for everything! The man becomes distraught and jumps to his death out a window. Daredevil is nearby and comes to check out the scene. The cop on the scene identifies the man as George Grey. The Owl is called in for question regarding his accountant's death, and the police decide to push an investigation surrounding his role in Grey's death. The Owl expresses no fear that this will lead anywhere, and as if to prove how silly he thought the proceedings were, he randomly chooses legal representation from Nelson and Murdock.

Before Foggy can turn down the Owl as a client, Matt snatches the phone from his hand, accepting his offer. He races off to the courthouse as Daredevil, leaping across the rooftops, getting there quicker than he could by taxi. He appears to argue for bond in front of the judge, and finally gets to meet the enigmatic Owl. He tells the Owl to meet him in court at ten the next morning for his hearing. The Owl says he will, but DD can tell he's lying. Sure enough, the next day, the Owl is nowhere to be seen, and a summons is put out for his arrest. After taking some time out to knit a pouch into his suit that he can use to hide his street clothes while dressed as Daredevil, he takes off to search out the Owl, trying to trace him with the strong scent of his hair tonic. After much searching, he comes up empty. He cannot find the Owl.

At his mountaintop aerie hideout, the Owl has summoned a couple henchmen to serve him. "Sad Sam" Simms and "Ape" Horgon show up to go into the Owl's employ. He tests their abilities, challenging the quick-draw Simms to a duel, and watching as Ape wrestles a live gorilla to a standstill. The Owl proves his own power as he knocks the two goons over the side of his aerie, and as they fall to their seeming death, he swoops down in flight and catches them before they crash to the ground, proving his power over flight by using his gliding cape. The Owl decides to go get Matt Murdock to act as his "mouthpiece" to act as a front for his criminal activity.

At the law offices, the romantic triangle between Karen, Matt and Foggy increases, with Karen pining silently for Matt, Matt figuring that Karen wants nothing to do with his romantic ideas, and Foggy barreling ahead with his advances toward Karen. All of a sudden, Matt realizes the Owl is next door, about to enter the office. He quickly changes into Daredevil and jumps into the next-door office to confront the Owl and his henchmen. Daredevil manages to use Ape Horgon as a missile to launch at his compatriots, but Sad Sam fires his pistol at DD. His reflexes and senses are so heightened, though, that he is able to bat the bullet away with his billy club. Karen enters the office, and the Owl takes her hostage, demanding that Daredevil surrender. DD doesn't question the order, and he gives up. They tie him up and take him to the Owl's lair, imprisoning both him and Karen up in large birdcages.

The Owl demands of his henchmen that they contact all the mob leaders in the city and tell them he wants to control the city gangs now that he's defeated Daredevil. While the Owl takes his leave of them, DD is able to separate his billy club at its hinge, allowing him to unloosen himself from his bonds. His hands free, he's able to pick a lock on the birdcage and then swing over the booby-trapped floor to reach Karen's birdcage. He releases her by bending the bars back using his maximum effort of strength, then takes her outside and sends her off to get the police. The Owl surprises him while before Karen leaves, and they take their fight upstairs to the ledge of the aerie. While climbing up the steps of the tower, the Owl springs a trap on DD, flattening the stairs out so he slides all the way down into the water below. The Owl realizes the police have arrived, and so flies down to a waiting speedboat. Daredevil swims up underneath the boat and uses his billy club to trip up the propellor, sending the Owl flying into the water.

HE is unable to track down the villain in the water, and returns to shore. Later, as Matt Murdock, he rejoins Karen at the aerie when the police round up all the mobsters that have shown up to greet the Owl.

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

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