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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Keep screaming! Don't stop! Don't stop screaming!....It's the only way I can pin-point her position above the roar of the speeding car!”

-- Daredevil, swinging down to save a woman from an out-of-control vehicle, p. 1

It's not AM! It's not FM! It's...DD!!!

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Daredevil #8
June 1965 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Wally Wood • Inks: Wally Wood

Title: “The Stiltman Cometh”

Villain/Origin: Stilt Man/Wilbur Day

First Appearance: Stilt Man/Wilbur Day, Carl Kaxton

Guest Appearance: Carl Kaxton, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Karen Page

Innovations: map overview of Matt Murdock's apartment

Gadgets & Inventions: "Snooperscope", radio-fitted mask facing

Letters Page: Page OnePage Two

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Synopsis: Shortly after Daredevil saves a young woman from being run over by a runaway car, he realizes that the car has no driver! The blind super-hero settles in behind the wheel to pull it over, but his super-hearing sense tells him that there is a ticking time-bomb under the hood. Meanwhile, in another part of town, a helicopter delivering a company payroll under armed guard is stopped in mid-air by an amazing sight: a man in a metal suit, standing on stilts high up above the skyscrapers. He demands they stop and hand over the money. The guards fire their guns at him, but the bullets bounce off. Reluctantly, they hand over the money to the man who calls himself Stiltman!

Back at the runaway car, Daredevil manages to guide it over a pier and into the river where it explodes without harming anyone. He realizes it was probably a diversionary tactic, and he pulls out his newly rigged billy club to use the "Snooperscope," a high-tech microphone that augments his super-sensitive hearing. He hears a voice in the distance that sounds like a promising lead, and when he arrives there, he senses Stiltman walking between the buildings. Before he can make sense out of what he "sees", the Stiltman has disappeared from his radar sights.

Later, as Matt Murdock, Karen Page walks up to the blind lawyer and reminds him that her doctor says he's still willing to help cure Matt's blindness. Matt takes her in what appears to be a romantic embrace, and Foggy walks in. Flustered by what he's seen, Foggy turns over a client to Matt. His name is Wilbur Day, and he is complaining that his scheming boss, Carl Kaxton, has stolen proprietary intellectual property from him. Matt calls Kaxton to discuss a settlement, but Kaxton will hear nothing of it, and says "Sue me!"

At home, Matt works off the many thoughts on his mind- Karen and Foggy, the mystery of the Stiltman, his new client and Carl Kaxton- by working out in his private gymnasium, in the split-level apartment he rents. (The top level he rents as Matt Murdock, the bottom level with the gym he rents under an assumed name, so nobody will figure out he's Daredevil.) He overhears a news report about Stiltman being on the loose, and tunes in a radio frequency through his head covering antennae (through his devil horns.) Quick as lightning, he's on the scene, where Stiltman is busy robbing a penthouse patio party. Daredevil tries to subdue the Stiltman, but he's very easily kicked aside, and just as quick as DD showed up, so too does Stiltman seemingly vanish into thin air.

The next day, Wilbur Day presses Murdock to go to Kaxton's house, where he is sure he will find evidence that Kaxton has stolen his hydraulics technology. Matt's senses pick up Kaxton eavesdropping from next door, and he opens the door and invites him in. Kaxton challenges Wilbur Day, saying he's a shyster and trying to steal his genius idea from him. Wilbur launches the same accusation back at Kaxton, and Matt's radar sense can't figure out who is lying, since they are standing so close to each other. Matt deduces that the hydraulic technology might be what Stiltman is using, so he follows Kaxton's car as it heads home. Kaxton realizes he's being followed and activates an electric shock system that knocks DD off his trail. Minutes later, DD hears police firing guns at Stiltman, and realizes after the villain easily escapes an oncoming police car by lifting his leg, that he's using retracting his hydraulic appendages at lightning speed to make quick getaways. DD launches himself at Stiltman's body, but he lowers himself so quick that DD flies over and past him. On his way down to the street, DD uses his cable to grab hold of Stiltman's leg, and tries to climb up to the top, but he's shaken off once again into the river. Stiltman wanders off into the distance.

Matt returns to his office, where he sees Wilbur Day napping in a chair. He calls Kaxton's home to see if he's there, and finds out he's not, then he wakes up Wilbur Day and suggests they race off to Kaxton's house. There, they find two long hydraulic tubes in Kaxton's backyard. Matt is sure these are for use as Stiltman. Kaxton sneaks up behind the pair with a gun and threatens them. Wilbur Day hits him with a karate chop and knocks him out, then turns his attention to Matt and knocks him out, too. Taken by surprise, Matt realizes at the last instant that it is Wilbur Day that has been lying this whole time!

--synopsis by Gormuu

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