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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"I'm glad Foggy is preoccupied with his political career and that girl...It enables me to put in a double shift as Daredevil these days!”

-- Daredevil, p. 12

Wally Wood sketches out a suspenseful prison break scene!

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Daredevil #10
October 1965 • 20 pages

Script/Co-Plot: Wally Wood • Co-Plot: Stan Lee
Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils/Inks: Wally Wood • Layouts: Bob Powell

Title: “While the City Sleeps!”

Villain: The Organization: The Organizer, Cat Man/Horgan, Ape Man/Monk Keefer, Bird Man/Henry Hawk, Frog Man/Frog Le Blanc, Deborah Harris

First Appearance: The Organizer, Cat Man, Ape Man, Bird Man, Frog Man, Abner Jonas, Bernard Harris, Milton Monroe, Deborah Harris

Guest Appearance: Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Karen Page, Abner Jonas, Bernard Harris, Milton Monroe

Innovations: The Chemco Building

Gadgets & Inventions: Blackout Bomb

Letters Page: Page OnePage Two

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Synopsis: A man dressed in a cat suit, called Cat Man by a fellow named the Organizer who dictates instructions to him, pilots a helicopter over a federal prison yard. He drops a bomb which detonates and causes the whole yard to go dark. Cat Man lowers himself into the prison yard while the rest of the prisoners make a jail break since the power went down on their electricity-controlled bars. His mission is accomplished when he locates Monk Keefer, the man he came to bust out. The pair head back to the helicopter to join up with the Organizer at their base. Next, the Organizer contacts a former Navy frogman named Frog Le Blanc as well as a con named Henry Hawk, and enlists their cooperation to join his group, called the Organization. At their first meeting, at the Chemco Building, he discusses their plan: to take control of the city administration of New York. He gives them costumes to augment their natural skills: Frog Man, Bird Man, Ape Man and Cat Man.

Their first missions go perfectly executed: Cat Man steals money from the city treasury, Ape Man steals the priceless Rajah Ruby, Bird Man makes away with all city records dealing with past elections, and Frog Man cuts all power to the city. As news of this crime wave spreads, Foggy Nelson reports to his friends that he's been asked to be District Attorney by the Reform Party, which puts him in line for real political power should the Reform Party win the election. Foggy asks Karen and Matt to join him on a yacht party organized by the Reform Party. There, they meet Abner Jonas, Reform candidate for mayor, Bernard Harris, candidate for borough president, and Milton Monroe, candidate for assemblyman. Foggy is also pleased to meet Harris' daughter, an old school friend of his named Deborah who is a devastatingly beautiful brunette. She flirts with Foggy quite a bit after their reintroduction. (Karen appears jealous of her!)

Matt senses a radio message being transmitted, from the Organizer to Frog Man, who is swimming near the yacht. Matt tries to stop Frog Man from enacting his plan, so he pretends to knock the yacht boom over to block Frog Man from firing his harpoon on board, as well as allowing himself to fall overboard and change into Daredevil under water. He catches up with Frog Man and they tussle underwater, but Frog Man uses a concussion grenade to knock the Man Without Fear off his trail. Daredevil hops back on board and changes back into Matt Murdock in time to overhear Abner Jonas talking about this assassination attempt, presumably because organized crime wants to get rid of the Reform Party.

As Frog Man rejoins his teammates in the Chemco Building, the Organizer tells Bird Man to rob the campaign funds of the Reform Party. In the light of day, Bird Man swoops away from Reform Party HQ with the loot, but DD is there, casing the joint on a hunch. Daredevil catches a ride on the back of Bird Man and manages to secure the cash, but Bird Man gets away, leaving Daredevil to wonder what Foggy has gotten himself into with the Reform Party, what with the Organizer being a part of the Reform Party. Later, as Deborah sinks her talons further into Foggy by flirting with him, the Organizer discusses the next step in his crime with his animal goons.

The next day, Daredevil responds to a call for help in a bank. Someone seems to have got stuck inside a safe and they are in danger of suffocating. Daredevil uses his extra-sensory abilities to crack the safe, but inside is the Cat-Man, who gasses him to sleep and gets away with wads of cash. The police arrive and assume DD is the criminal, and they take after him. The newspaper headlines all scream about DD's guilt in a bank robbery. Not scared of showing his face in public, DD cases a Reform Party picket line, where party members are being beat up by goons. He jumps down to help save them from the thugs, but takes off when the police show up.

The resulting public sympathy for the Reform Party generated by all the crime organized against it moves them up in the election polls. That night, Foggy and Karen go to a penthouse party Debbie is throwing in Foggy's honor. While the Reform Party bigwigs bicker amongst themselves as to how to respond to these violent acts against them, the Organization is ready for another run. Bird Man swoops down and kidnaps Debbie, but Daredevil is there to try and stop them. He cannot stop Bird Man from escaping with the girl in his clutches, but he does apprehend Cat Man. While the police interrogate Cat Man, the Organizer sends Ape Man out to kill him so he can't reveal any secrets. Daredevil is keeping watch on the interrogation, and when Ape Man shows up with a hand grenade to launch into the police office, DD grabs it and hurls it up into the sky, where it explodes harmlessly. The two combatants tussle, but DD lets Ape Man get away so he can follow him to his lair, where he overhears Deborah talking derisively about Foggy Nelson: she's in on the fix!

Meanwhile, Bird Man has spotted Daredevil, and is flying in for the kill....

(continued in DD #11)

--synopsis by Gormuu

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