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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Well, I guess I shouldn't yell at you, Matt! After all, it wasn't your fault! It was my fault! I should have known better than to let Karen visit a dangerous criminal with you! It was too risky!”

-- Foggy Nelson, back before "sensitivity training" classes, p. 10

Terrifying panel compositions from Joe Orlando.

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Daredevil #4
October 1964 • 22 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Joe Orlando • Inks: Vince Colletta

Title: “Killgrave, the Unbelievable Purple Man!”

Villain/Origin: Killgrave/The Purple Man

First Appearance: Killgrave/The Purple Man, Apex National Bank Manager Mr. Smathers, Punchy, Mrs. Perkins

Guest Appearance: Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Karen Page, Mr. Smathers

Cameo: Mrs. Perkins, Punchy

Gadgets & Inventions: Billy club modifications: chemically-treated plastic sheet, mini-tape recorder

Letters Page: Page OnePage Two

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Synopsis: An odd-looking fellow with purple skin walks into a bank and tells the teller to fill his briefcase with new bills. The bank teller gladly complies. After the man leaves, the teller comes to his senses and calls the police. The policeman chases the Purple Man down the street and arrests him. The judge demands the Purple Man call for a lawyer to represent him. Matt and Karen head down to court to take care of their new client, the Purple Man named Killgrave. The judge informs Matt that his client is a very unusual man who claims the money was given freely to him, that he did not steal it. Karen and Matt then head to the prison where Killgrave is being held. Once there, Matt introduces himself as his court-appointed lawyer. Killgrave claims he needs no lawyer, and asks the guard to release him from his cell. The guard happily complies, and Killgrave requests that Karen accompany him to be his assistant. She, too, gladly goes along with his request.

Matt changes into his Daredevil costume and tries to get Karen back from Killgrave, but the Purple Man speaks up and tells DD that he's got "the wrong man." Daredevil can feel the urge to comply with the Purple Man, but is able to resist. Once Killgrave realizes he has little control over Daredevil, he tells the crowd surrounding him to attack Daredevil. The mob immediately complies, and starts to try to pin him down. He hops up into a tree, where someone is able to grab ahold of his new pouch he created to stow his clothes away. Daredevil makes a mental note that "the hood must go." Daredevil escapes the crowd, and notices that as Killgrave leaves them, his power over them fades. He travels all over the city's rooftops looking for Killgrave and Karen, but has to give up. He changes back into Matt Murdock and heads back to his office, where he has to tell Foggy that he lost Karen to the Purple Man. Foggy's first instinct is to fly into a rage at his blind friend, but he pulls back and goes out to try and find her himself.

Killgrave leads Karen into a gymnasium where he tries to recruit a bunch of wrestlers to act as his bodyguards. They resist at first, but he is able to persuade them to do his bidding simply by making calm requests. Killgrave takes his now sizable entourage with him to the Ritz Plaza, where he requests that the hotel kick out all the penthouse residents and allow him to take over the floor. Atop the hotel's highest veranda, Killgrave cackles in triumph, but he also realizes he must dispatch his enemy, Daredevil.

Matt Murdock pores over law books to see what laws Killgrave has broken, but determines that he hasn't broken any. He realizes he must bring him to justice as Daredevil, and he decides to try to trap him by using a new tape-recorder he has installed in his billy club. He also practices using some chemically-treated plastic sheets that unfurl from his billy club that he will try to use to apprehend the villains he faces. He scours the city and finally is able to track down Killgrave through his heightened senses, as the Purple Man is camped out in the Ritz Carlton discussing his villainous plans. DD crashes through the window and takes out Killgrave's wrestling guard, turning his billy club into a boomerang. Killgrave escapes to the roof with Karen, where he tells the blonde secretary to go stand on the ledge. The Purple Man tells DD to back down or he will tell Karen to step off the ledge, and then he holds the blind super-hero at gunpoint. Daredevil asks him why he is doing what he is doing, and Killgrave explains how he got his powers: he was a spy for a foreign power and was trying to steal a nerve gas when he was exposed to the chemical agent. It turned him purple and gave him the power to command anyone simply by uttering directions to them.

Daredevil thanks Killgrave for admitting to his actions, and reveals that he taped all his admissions using his billy club! He then knocks the gun out of Killgrave's hands and grabs Karen, leaping with her in his arms to safety. Killgrave follows Daredevil down to the street to face him in final battle. He calls upon the people gathered to destroy him, but DD employs his chemical-sheet that rolls out of his billy club and wraps the Purple Man inside. Once covered with the sheet, his power over others wanes, and he is led away by the police. Daredevil takes his leave before the crowd mobs him with their thanks. Foggy shows up to escort Karen back to the office, where once again an uncomfortable scene plays out over their romantic triangle.

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

--letter pages and house ad provided by Karl

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