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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"If it please the court, the state shall prove the defendant to be guilty of outrageous assault, attempting to overthrow the government by force, alien sedition, wilful destruction of property, and a host of other attendant crimes!”

-- the District Attorney, making his case against Namor, p. 10

"Then, in the hours that follow...."

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Daredevil #7
April 1965 • 20 pages + Namor vs. Daredevil pin-up

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: Wally Wood • Inks: Wally Wood

Title: “In Mortal Combat With...Sub-Mariner!”

Villain: Krang

Guest Appearance: Namor, Lady Dorma, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Karen Page

Innovations: first appearance of red costume

Gadgets & Inventions: Billy club modifications: Cane Cable, Smoke Screen

Letters Page: Page OnePage Two

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Synopsis: Namor, the Sub-Mariner, is seated on his throne, presiding over the court of Atlantis. His top warlord, Krang, tries to influence him to build his army back up and attack Earth, to reclaim the Atlantean's supposed rightful heritage as rulers of the surface world. Namor is suspicious of Krang's motives, and Lady Dorma urges him to ignore the warlord. Namor decides on a compromise: to go to Earth and make a civilized, legal claim on what he considers his domain.

As he enters New York City, he creates quite the ruckus. He walks down the middle of the street, attracting attention from all over. He decides to go get a lawyer, to make sure he abides by surface customs. He enters the building where the law offices of Nelson & Murdock are located, and impatiently destroys an elevator and knocks down a door as he enters their office. Namor tells them he wants a lawyer to sue for reclamation of the surface world on behalf of Atlantis. Foggy and Matt explain to Namor that he has no case, that he would be laughed out of court without evidence. Namor decides that if he cannot go to court on his own merit, he will force surface worlders to take him to court! He crashes out of the office, leaving Matt and the others behind to wonder what he means.

As the day goes on, Namor goes on a rampage, tearing down buildings in a destructive fit. The National Guard is called out to respond, and Matt decides to go into action as Daredevil to try and help stop him. He puts on his new costume- completely head-to-toe dark red- and makes his way to the rooftop where he hitches a ride on a passing spotter plane. The plane heads over towards where Namor is tumbling with some guard soldiers, and DD makes his flying leap from the plane to the action, swinging around a traffic light pole to build momentum for a fierce kick to Namor. The undersea king lashes back, and unfortunately for DD, their fight takes them splashing off the dock and into the water, where Namor reigns supreme.

Namor thinks for a moment to destroy Daredevil while he has the chance, but decides not to hurt such a valiant foe. He grabs the drowning Daredevil and tosses him back up to shore. Then he bursts up out of the water and lands on the deck of a ship, offering himself up for arrest. Namor is taken to jail, where he calls on Nelson & Murdock to help him with his case. At his opening please, the prosecutor makes his case that Namor is a menace guilty of a plethora of crimes. Matt asks for a recess so he can talk with his client. Lady Dorma walks in and tells Namor that Krang has used his absence from his kingdom as a pretext to launch a rebellion. Namor decides he must attend to this, but the court bailiffs will not let him go. Namor knocks them out of his way, but Matt calms him down and tells him to let the law work its course. Namor gives his counsel 24 hours to figure out how to settle his claim or he will leave and protect his kindom.

Foggy gets the bad news that the judge has delayed the trial a week. Once Namor hears this news, he flips out and breaks out of jail by force. He has to work his way through National Guardsmen before he can get back to the water. This gives Daredevil time to suit up and head into action. He uses his new cable mechanism in his billy club to latch onto opposite rooftops and swing across the divide of space, leaping on top of a tank to ask the commander to give him time to talk to Namor before they launch an all-out attack. He gets the time, even though he's not quite sure what he's going to do with it!

He finds Namor and uses a new smoke-screen device in his billy club to create a fog that allows him to put a few licks on Namor, then he swings his cable around Namor's winged feet. Namor lifts him up off the ground to shake him off, but DD grabs hold of his ankles. They begin to fall, but DD grabs hold of a wrecking ball at a construction site and is able to wham it into Namor, knocking him down, but not out. He drops a wall on him, as well as a shovel full of cement blocks, but Namor is too strong. The Sub-Mariner grabs a light pole to swing at DD, tossing him up into the air. Daredevil is getting beat up in this battle, but refuses to give up. He grabs an electrical wire from the broken light pole and binds up Namor with it, then connects it to an electrified line. The shock stuns Namor, but almost knocks out Daredevil! Namor once again tries to walk away from battle, to go back home to fight and run away from the law of man, but Daredevil refuses to give up. Almost unconscious, the Man Without Fear crawls after Namor, weakly grabbing weakly by the ankle in a last-ditch effort to stop him, but he passes out.

Ultimately respectful of Daredevil's fighting spirit, he takes his leave of New York without any more fighting or mayhem, heading back into the ocean to face Krang. Later, Matt is sitting at his desk, with bandages on his face covering him up from the fight. Karen rushes in to offer comfort to him, and she trips and falls into his arms. Neither of them can admit to the other their feelings, and so their unrequited love continues.

Pin-Up: Daredevil crawls after Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

--synopsis by Gormuu

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