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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"I'm not exactly one of your favorite people, am I, Foggy? And I think I know why! It's because of Karen! You think she's sweet on me, don't you?"

-- Daredevil, to Foggy Nelson, p. 20

Don't look down, Daredevil! DON'T LOOK DOWN!!!!!

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Daredevil #31
August 1967 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: Gene Colan • Inks: John Tartaglione

Title: “Blind Man's Bluff!”

Villain: Cobra, Mister Hyde

Guest Appearance: Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, "Mike Murdock"

Cameo: Lew, Len

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Synopsis: (continued from DD #30)

Daredevil struggles to right himself when he realizes he's completely lost his heightened senses after being splashed in the face with chemicals by Mister Hyde. He makes a getaway before the police storm the premises, getting out through a trap door and felling his way through the alleyways and back streets of the city. Passersby gawk when they see Daredevil wandering the streets in a seeming daze; DD chalks it up to being woozy after a scrap with a super-villain. A young woman goes into a fit when she sees the costumed hero, ripping at his costume and tearing off a shred of it as if he was one of the Beatles. He snaps at her and tries to get away, rushing into the street and being nearly hit by a car. He sticks his hand out and calls for a taxi, which delivers him to the home of Matt Murdock (he tells the taxi driver he wants to visit his lawyer.)

He realizes that with the loss of his senses, he will need to adapt his Mike Murdock persona, so he dresses up as Mike and heads over to the office. He tells Foggy that he's gone blind, explaining that perhaps what made Matt blind has caught up to him.

The Cobra and Mister Hyde pull another heist, as usual bickering with each other, and making threats should one cross the other. Mister Hyde reveals that he's in the life of crime to make mankind pay for how they've treated him. The Cobra admits he's in it for greed. Later, they hatch a new plot: atop the roof of a building, Mister Hyde holds up a massive piece of the roof edge cornice, threatening to throw it down on the crowd below. The police are there, but Hyde warns them to stand down.

Foggy, Karen and "Mike" overhear what's going on, and Mike is forced into duty as Daredevil. After changing into his DD outfit, he drags Foggy along with him to help him establish a bluff against the villains. The Cobra sees Daredevil mount the top of an opposing roof, and tells Mister Hyde that it appears DD has gotten his sight back! DD stands on the ledge, and without his senses to help guide him, goes into a wobble, but straightens himself and launches his billy club cable to the opposite roof top. Mister Hyde sees this and can't believe that Daredevil got his sight back! DD draws on his tremendous reserves of strength and acrobatic training and starts to walk across the cable, suspended without a net dozens of floors above the city streets. He almost falls, but he grabs hold of the cable.

Mister Hyde senses that Daredevil is just clowning around on the cable, thinking he's gotten his sight back. Worried that they won't be able to take on both the cops and DD, they run away. Foggy shouts out to Daredevil that they've left, and he returns to the rooftop. Karen runs up to DD and puts her arms around him, giving him a kiss of congratulations for handling the threat. Foggy walks Daredevil home, since he's still without sight, and Foggy confesses what a tough time he's having getting Karen's attention- first having to compete with Matt Murdock, then Daredevil and "Mike Murdock."

But sneaking up behind Foggy is the Cobra, who grabs him and puts his hand on Daredevil's shoulder.

(continued in DD #32)

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Issues Reprinted
Daredevil #22-32, King-Size Special #1

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