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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"If you're gonna keep tossing punches at me like that, you'll have to turn in your DD Fan Club button!"

-- Daredevil, to Gladiator, p. 11

"I've got news for you, sonny...you're about ten years too early for the Studio 54 scene!"

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Daredevil #23
December 1966 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Gene Colan • Inks: Frank Giacoia

Title: “DD Goes Wild!”

Villain: Masked Marauder, Gladiator, Tri-Man: The Mangler, The Dancer, The Brain; The Maggia

Guest Appearance: Foggy Nelson, Karen Page

Innovations: Mobile Electronic Calculator Console

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Synopsis: (continued from DD #22)

It sinks in to Daredevil that there's no way he can be sure that the ultimatum from the unseen Masked Marauder can't be fulfilled, so in order to save the life of Karen and Foggy, he surrenders. The Marauder pulls the Tri-Man back to his lab with his Levitation Ray, and Daredevil decides to grab ahold and see where he goes!

Foggy and Karen witness the disappearance of Daredevil, then turn their attention to finding Matt. Back at the Marauder's lab, DD is isolated inside a tube, but he finds a weak point with his acute sense of touch and busts through. The Dancer leaps out of his tube and takes on DD, but ol' Hornhead can outdance the criminal, and tosses him into the other tubes, freeing the Brain and the Mangler. Daredevil has his hands full, knocking Gladiator aside, then taking on the Mangler. The Brain leaps at him with some live wire cables, but he rolls a giant calculator console towards him, batting him aside.

The Gladiator gets back in action, pummelling DD- and getting pummelled! As they fight, the Masked Marauder checks in with the Maggia, telling them he'll not only deliver them Daredevil, but the Gladiator as well! The Maggia figures that would make a great show to entertain them, so they give the Marauder instructions on exactly where to send them. In moments, the Levitation Ray sends Daredevil and the Gladiator off to Europe, where they are set down inside an abandoned movie set that resembles an ancient Roman Colosseum. The Gladiator realizes he's been had by his "partner", but it doesn't change his lust to defeat Daredevil. But DD is keen on ending the fight sooner rather than later, and while the Maggia watch from above, DD picks the Gladiator up, spins him around by the legs and tosses him into a wall. Gladiator gets back up and races toward him, but DD checks him again to the side, this time causing the spinning blades of the Gladiator to accidentally rip through the cage door of a ferocious lion!

The lion races toward Daredevil, who has to help save Gladiator from being mauled by fending the lion off with a chair. The Maggia shouts to Gladiator to finish DD off, but he tells them he doesn't hurt a guy who saved his life. The Maggia tell the Gladiator they "like his style", and after rejecting the Masked Marauder, offer him a position as their leader. The Marauder is insolent at this embarrassment, destroying the TV monitor after they give him the news.

The Maggia and Gladiator let Daredevil walk away from the battle, slightly wounded and abandoned in Europe.

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

--letter pages and house ads provided by Aussie Stu

Issues Reprinted
Daredevil #22-32, King-Size Special #1

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