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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Soon, the very mention of our names will drive men from the streets - - will empty the city!"

-- The Cobra, p. 3

This is sooooo not an even matchup! Thor vs. Daredevil? Come on!

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Daredevil #30
July 1967 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: Gene Colan • Inks: John Tartaglione

Title: “If There Should Be A Thunder God!”

Villain: Cobra, Mister Hyde

Guest Appearance: Don Blake/Thor, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, "Mike Murdock"

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Synopsis: After reading a news report about an astounding bank heist, Foggy and Matt do some research to prove Matt's hunch. Turns out that his hunch is right, and that Thor's greatest enemies- the Cobra and Mister Hyde- are on the loose. In fact, those very same men are breaking into a finance company and stealing more and more property. Matt Murdock can wait no longer, realizing somebody has to step in to take these criminals on. But since the evil duo are Thor's longtime enemies, he concocts a plan to get at them quicker than if Daredevil had to do all the work to find them. He heads to a costume shop and rigs up a fake Thor costume- replete with "flesh-colored plastic" to simulate Thor's huge muscles, and a fake hammer!

With his fake Thor costume passing his every test, including hiding his billy club alongside the hammer to simulate flying, he figures he should test it on Foggy and Karen. He "flies" across town as Thor, drawing the attention of many gawkers, and then leaps inside the law office. He dishes out a little "Thor-speak" before Foggy is on to him as a Thor impostor. "Thor" takes his mask off to reveal "Mike Murdock", Matt's happy-go-lucky fake twin brother. He explains to them that he is only dressing as Thor to draw out the Cobra and Mister Hyde.

However, Dr. Don Blake overhears on the radio news reports of Thor flying across the sky. He realizes it must be an impostor, so he taps his cane against the ground and transforms into the real Thunder God. The real Thor catches up to Daredevil, who is doing a patrol across the city in hopes of luring the villains out to fight. Thor launches toward him, causing Daredevil to smash into the side of a building. The fight between the two settles in a nearby park, where Thor creates a whirlwind with his hammer that pulls DD's Thor costume off, revealing him as who he really is.

After getting Thor's dander up with some ill-timed wisecracks, the two fight a little before their tempers fall back to Earth. DD explains to Thor that he wants to take care of the Cobra and Mister Hyde and hoped to draw them out of hiding as Thor. After seeing Daredevil's prowess in battle up close, Thor gives his blessing, since he must handle other matters and can't take on the villains himself. He flies away, leaving Daredevil to track down the evil duo.

But he doesn't have to wait long, for the Cobra and Mister Hyde have found him! They jump out from behind a tree and try to grab Daredevil, but he's too quick for them, leaping up into the tree. A quick kick to the Cobra's jaw and then evasive action against Mister Hyde follows, but th Cobra sneaks up behind DD and gives him a stiff chop to the neck which temporarily paralyzes him. Instead of giving a knockout blow, however, Mister Hyde instead suggests they race back to their lab and have Daredevil follow them, so he can dish out an even bigger punishment!

Sure enough, Daredevil follows them back to their laboratory hideout and crashes through the skylight, where Mister Hyde is waiting with a chemical formula. While the Cobra holds him tight, Hyde splashes the chemical into DD's face, then tells him the formula was meant to take away his eyesight! The police arrive, shouting through a bullhorn for the villains to surrender, which sends them scurrying away through a secret passageway. Meanwhile, Daredevil realizes that his senses have been completely deadened!

(continued in DD #31)

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

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Issues Reprinted
Daredevil #22-32, King-Size Special #1

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