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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"You keep out of this, Glen Talbot! You never trusted Bruce! Even though he devoted his life to national defense, you hounded him...you never tried to understand...

-- Betty Ross, pg. 4

What is this, a scene from Planet of the Hulks?

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The Incredible Hulk
from Tales to Astonish #75

January 1966 10 pages

Script: Stan Lee Letters: Sam Rosen
Layouts: Jack Kirby

Pencils/Inks: Mike Esposito (credited as Mickey Demeo)

Title: "Not All My Power Can Save Me!"

First Appearance: King Arrkam

Guest Appearance: General "Thunderbolt" Ross, Glen Talbot, Betty Ross, Rick Jones
Cameo: The Leader, The Watcher, King Arrkam

Gadgets & Technology: T-Gun

Letters Page: Page One

House Ads: Page One

Story Synopsis: The Hulk stands over the body of the Leader, taking the Ultimate Machine from him and then leaping off into the distance. As he finds a place to hide and figure out his next move, General Ross is prepping Bruce Banner's final invention for use- the massive "T-Gun". Nobody knows what the T-Gun will do, or what "T" even means, but they are going to find out in a test later that day. As Gen. Ross reads the riot act to Talbot and his daughter for letting Banner go free and for not doing anything to help stop the Hulk, Rick Jones tries to persuade his jailers to contact the President of the United States for him and explain what is happening. They all laugh at him.

Meanwhile, the Hulk has donned the Ultimate Machine helmet, but the pain in his brain grows incredibly, as a million voices invade his mind at once. Just as he takes the helmet off, he hears the voice of Rick Jones. He realizes he can't ignore Rick Jones plea for help, and he decides to head to Washington, the destination that Rick Jones was talking about in his head. As the Watcher looks at the Hulk leaping off into the horizon, he reclaims the Ultimate Machine for himself, since the Hulk left it behind in the desert sands.

As the Hulk leaps through the air at great speed, the call goes out: the Hulk is headed for the nation's capital! The Pentagon calls on Ross to deploy the T-Gun. They catch the Hulk in their sights, and just as he leaps to the White House lawn, the T-Gun fires upon him! As he is hit by the T-Gun beam, the Hulk realizes what has happened. They used Banner's experimental technology to send him into the future! He stands in the rubble of Washington, DC, at some distant point in the future timeline of Earth. Suddenly, he is attacked by a group of soldiers who try to capture him, but the Hulk breaks free and threatens them with the fight of their lives.

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

--letters page and house ads provided by Justin Fairfax

Issues Reprinted
Giant-Man from Tales to Astonish #59
& Incredible Hulk from Tales to Astonish #60-79

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