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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"I reported my conclusions to the Pentagon, General, and they felt you were wise to request an investigation of Dr. Banner! They're pleased with your alertness!

-- Major Glen Talbot, to Gen. Ross, pg. 3

Get ready for three dimensions of Ditko action!

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The Incredible Hulk
from Tales to Astonish #61

November 1964 10 pages

Script: Stan Lee Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Steve Ditko
Inks: George Roussos (credited as George Bell)

Title: "Captured At Last!"

Villain/Death: The Leader Agent

First Appearance: Major Glen Talbot

Guest Appearance: General "Thunderbolt" Ross, Betty Ross, Glen Talbot

Gadgets & Technology: Electronic Scanner

Letters Page: Page One

Story Synopsis: After the Hulk rolled down the side of the hill in defeat, the robot stumbled onto one of Bruce Banner's hidden caves, where the spy finds enough material to build a missile to destroy the nearby base. But Banner is back at his own lab at the Air Force Base, cobbling together a homemade electronic scanner that will tune in and track his robot creation. As he goes outside to try and locate his robot, he sees a new member of the base staff, Major Glen Talbot, introducing himself to the base commanders.

Talbot goes to see General Ross and tells him he is there to investigate the suspicious activities of Dr. Bruce Banner. Ross introduces him to his daughter Betty, and she agrees to show him around the base. Bruce is in the hills, searching for his robot with his electronic scanner. Betty and Major Talbot fly over the hills in a helicopter looking for Banner. The robot is at the top of the hill, seeing both Banner and the helicopter below; he picks up a huge boulder and tosses it at Betty and Talbot. Banner changes into the Hulk and leaps through the boulder, turning it into small shards.

The Hulk then jumps up to the robot and tackles him, and they both go rolling down the hill into a cave. As the robot gloats over the missile he just fired at the base, the Hulk realizes he has to act quick to save Betty and the rest of the base. He manages to push the robot into a bottomless pit into the cave, then leaps outside the cave and chases down the missile. He punches it in mid-air, causing it to explode, and he plummets to earth.

Talbot sees this happen and lands his helicopter next to the unconscious body of the Hulk. They haul him away using special bondage cables that Banner himself developed. As General Ross and Talbot discuss the possible connection between Bruce Banner and the Hulk, they tran several tanks to aim at the Hulk, who is stymied inside the cable apparatus.

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

--letters page provided by Justin Fairfax

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& Incredible Hulk from Tales to Astonish #60-79

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