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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Keep moving, Banner! You are no longer in a weak democracy! Here you will learn the meaning of discipline and obedience!

-- Soviet Commie, to Bruce Banner, pg. 5

The Commies seize one of America's great scientific brains. Oh, and the Hulk, too! (Ssshhhhh! They don't know that yet!!!)

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The Incredible Hulk
from Tales to Astonish #65

March 1965 10 pages

Script: Stan Lee Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Steve Ditko Inks: Dick Ayers

Title: "On the Rampage Against the Reds!"

Villain: The Commies, the Leader, Humanoids

Guest Appearance: Glen Talbot

Cameo/First Appearance: Professor Stromm

Gadgets & Technology: Evapo-Ray Blaster, Vaporizer, Proton Gun

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Story Synopsis: The battle between the Hulk and the Leader's Humanoid legions rages on, and an armed marine task force comes up behind them and tosses a grenade at them. It knocks all the battlers over into the sea. The Leader commands his Humanoids to return to his base, while the Hulk turns into Bruce Banner, who struggles to reach the surface of the water before drowning. As Talbot wonders where Banner could have gone to, the man in question is brought aboard a Soviet submarine.

Banner asks to be returned to Astra Isle, but the Soviet commander has no intention of letting go his prize American scientist. Talbot finds out that Banner was fished out of the water by a Commie sub, and figures he's in league with the Reds. Meanwhile, the Leader has connected the appearance of the Hulk with the vicinity to Bruce Banner, and thinks that he should perhaps pursue Banner to explore the matter further.

Deep inside the borders of the Soviet empire, Banner is taken to a prison where he is joined with fellow scientists, all developing projects under the iron fist of the communist dictators. One scientist has finally had enough and begins railing at the top of his lungs against his captors. Armed guards swiftly descend upon him to silence him from further speech. The Soviet commandant demands Banner begin work on scientific projects, but Banner refuses, and they toss him into a small holding cell. Shortly, he turns into the Hulk and busts out.

The unsuspecting commies are nonetheless ready to fight off the Hulk, as they have an amazing array of weapons that the captive scientists have developed at their bidding. They fire a a high-intensity field cannon at him, but the Hulk blocks the bullets by pulling up a section of concrete floor to shield him. He leaps out of the way of the Evapo-Ray Blaster beam, then tosses a huge boulder at his aggressors. But the Vaporizer takes care of the boulder, leaving the Hulk to try and evade the vaporizer beam. He slaps together his hands, causing a massive sonic boom, which knocks back all men and machines in its path.

The Hulk watches all the communists run away from him, but the scientist who was beaten down just moments ago by the captors comes out from the rubble. He offers the Hulk food and medecine to heal his wounds, as he is so appreciative of the Hulk's actions on behalf of liberty. As the Hulk receives this friendship, the commies prepare their next move. The field leader requests a massive tank arsenal to come to take out the Hulk, and while he waits for them to arrive, he dons a proton gun contraption, a gun which will destroy the Hulk if he can get near him.

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

--letters page and house ads provided by Justin Fairfax

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Giant-Man from Tales to Astonish #59
& Incredible Hulk from Tales to Astonish #60-79

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