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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"I have been hired to kill you, Mr. Nelson. Be silent. Be calm. You will feel no pain."

- Elektra, to Foggy Nelson, pg. 18

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Daredevil #181
April 1982 38 pages

Script: Frank Miller Letters: Joe Rosen
Pencils: Frank Miller Inks: Klaus Janson

Ranked #22 in 100 Greatest Marvel Comics of All Time list

Title: "Last Hand"

First Appearance: Sweaty Tex, Harry

Villain: Bullseye, Eric Slaughter

Guest Appearance: Tom Snyde, Harry, Punisher, Elektra, Foggy Nelson

Death: Elektra

Featured Thugs: Sweaty Tex

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Synopsis: As Bullseye works out in the prison gymnasium, he simmers in a slow burn over his fatal thoughts towards Daredevil, who had the audacity to save his life after their last meeting. As he yearns for a rematch where he can kill DD once and for all, he gets a flash of pain from a headache related to his successful brain operation. A prison guard takes his time to slip him his medication. Later, after a tense meeting in the prison courtyard with the Punisher, Bullseye is led into a TV studio set up in the prison where he is to be interviewed by Tom Snyde. Through typical Bullseye ingenuity, he's able to free himself from all his chains and co-opt his guards weapons, turning them back on them. He grabs Snyde as a hostage and carries him out into the prison courtyard, where he makes off with a helicopter and goes off into the night, a free man again.

His first plan is to find out the assassin who took his place in the Kingpin's favor. He makes his way to Eric Slaughter, who gets him up to date on the activities of Elektra. Slaughter tells him Elektra's next assignment is to kill Foggy Nelson. Doing research on Nelson, Bullseye comes to find out that his law partner, Murdock, looks a lot like Daredevil. He gets a big laugh over imagining that DD is a blind superhero.

He sets out to case Nelson, taking in a court appearance from the team of Nelson and Murdock and slapping a wiretap bug on the back of Nelson. Foggy hails a cab and Bullseye follows, commandeering a cab of his own by murdering the cabbie. Meanwhile, Foggy makes small talk with his cabbie, who he's surprised to see is a woman. It is Elektra, and she tells Foggy she's there to kill him. She pilots the cab into the back of a garage, then pulls out her sai to finish him off. But as Foggy cries on his hands and knees, he looks up and recognizes her. He calls her "Matt's girl...Elektra." These words are too overwhelming for the assassin, and she tells Foggy to get away from her immediately. He runs away.

From the shadows creeps Bullseye with a gun drawn. He sneaks up behind Elektra, who is distracted by her thoughts about her past with Matt Murdock, but not so much that she doesn't detect Bullseye. The two wage a fierce battle through the garage parking lot, but Bullseye gets the final blows in, jamming Elektra's sai deep into her chest. He watches as she staggers away, leaving a trail of blood behind her. She wanders with inerrant precision to the door of Matt Murdock. She can only sputter his name out as he answers the door, then leans down and holds her body in his arms as it slips into lifelessness. From the gathering crowd, Bullseye watches, and wonders if there isn't a connection between Murdock and DD that he can exploit.

As Matt and Foggy look over her body at the morgue, Bullseye has infiltrated the morgue staff. As he stands back in the shadows behind Murdock, he decides to test a theory. He tosses a scalpel towards Murdock's head. In a quick flash, Matt whips his cane up, catching the scapel before it can hit him. Bullseye takes off running, having figured out the big secret. He immediately races to the Kingpin and tells him his theory: that Murdock is Daredevil. Kingpin tells him it's a preposterous story, and further informs him the only way he'll do business with him is to bring him the body of Daredevil, dead.

He creeps into Matt Murdock's home and hears the lawyer reading from a book in his study. Daredevil sneaks up behind him and chases him out onto the roof, and Bullseye thinks to himself that perhaps the Kingpin was right (though Bullseye cannot know that it was only a dummy with a tape player in the study, not the real Matt Murdock.) On the rooftops, Bullseye and DD bash each other around until Bullseye falls down to the elevated train tracks. He grabs hold of a train as it rides past and Daredevil follows. Bullseye leaps to a guy wire many of feet above the ground, and loses his footing. Daredevil reaches out to grab him, and Bullseye reflexively grabs hold of his arm, then realizes he doesn't want Daredevil to save him again, and he tries to stab at DD with Elektra's sai. Daredevil takes the opportunity to drop him to the ground.

The Kingpin gets Bullseye's file and burns it, sure that he can never have use of him as an assassin again, as Bullseye lies in a hospital, paralyzed and in a full body cast. Meanwhile, Matt visits Elektra's grave, haunted by her death.

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

--letter pages provided by Aussie Stu

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