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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"I been looking for this chance, devil. Mister Slaughter's given me nothin' but lousy stakeout jobs like this ever since you made a fool outta me on Coney Island. But now I'll - - Where'd you go?"

-- Turk, to Daredevil, p. 2

Daredevil and Elektra reunited.

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Daredevil #168
January 1981 • 22 pages

Script: Frank Miller • Letters: Joe Rosen
Pencils: Frank Miller • Inks: Klaus Janson

Title: “Elektra”

First Appearance: Elektra Natchios, Alarich Wallenquist; Hugo Natchios, Athos (both in flashback)

Villain: Eric Slaughter

Featured Thugs: Turk, Alarich Wallenquist, Mickey, Charles, Bilge

Guest Appearance: Elektra, Foggy Nelson

Innovations: In flashback episode, Daredevil's first usage of his skills is shown

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Synopsis: Daredevil is tracking down a material witness to a murder named Alarich Wallenquist. When he finds out that Eric Slaughter is protecting him, he goes straight to Turk to beat the information out of him. One of Slaughter's men- Bilge- sees Turk being roughed up by DD and follows orders from Slaughter to kill Turk before he's able to talk. He tosses a malatov cocktail at them, but DD's radar sense is way ahead of him, and he carries Turk away from the blast. DD is caught in the shock force, and is wounded, but tries to get the information out of Bilge anyway.

Above the scene, however, is a bounty hunter named Elektra, and she is after Wallenquist, too. She throws a sai at Daredevil, knocking him out with a blow to the back of the head. She grabs hold of Bilge and tells him he's a dead man unless he turns over the whereabouts of Wallenquist. As Daredevil recognizes that voice as the woman he used to love, Elektra, unconsciousness takes him over, and he passes out.

While in a dream state, he flashes back to his college days at Columbia Law. He meets Elektra on the campus, daughter of a wealthy Greek ambassador. Her overprotective bodyguard won't let Matt get near her, but the clever boy finds a way to get her apart from him and makes a play for her attention. In fact, he reveals his super-senses and amazing athletic abilities to her, for in his heart he knows she is a prize worth catching, no matter what risk. It works. They start to see each other, and over time fall in love. Matt gives her the pet name "Olive Oil."

Then one day, she and her father were held hostage on campus by gunmen. Matt risked his life to penetrate the building they were held down and dispatches all six of the thugs with his amazing fighting skills. But Eletktra's father tried to stand up and loose himself from his bonds, and trigger-happy police snipers outside mistook him for one of the gunmen. They fired and killed him. Elektra was shattered by her father's death, and in a matter of days she leaves America and Matt's life, seemingly forever. Matt hadn't spoken to her- or of her- these many yeares. When he awakens, he finds himself lying on the street in the cold rain. He realizes he's going to have to apprehend her if she insists on being a lethal bounty hunter.

At Slaughter's hideout, they maintain their protective vigil over Wallenquist. Slaughter gets a call from Bilge, who, though he is under duress from Elektra herself, manages to speak in code to make Slaughter understand that he's been captured by the assassin. Thus tipped off, Slaughter plans to meet the assassin head-on to kill whoever it is. Near Slaughter's hideout, his henchman named Mickey is nabbed by Daredevil, who gets the location of Slaughter's airplane that is to take Wallenquist out of the country.

Elektra shows up at the docks, and Slaughter is ready with several thugs ready to take her on with fists, chains and nunchaku. It takes her only a few moments of efficient self-defense to bring each one down. Impressed, Slaughter offers her a job with him. She rejects him, and Slaughter directs one of his men hiding in the shadows to shoot her with a poison dart. As she crumples to the ground, Daredevil pilots the nearby seaplane towards the dock, sending the men running. As it rams into the dock and explodes, he leaps free, using the ensuing chaos to attack more of Slaughter's henchmen; Slaughter himself makes a quick escape.

Daredevil looks around for Wallenquist, who now has the dazed body of Elektra held at gunpoint. Daredevil follows his instructions and turns his back and walks away, but using his radar sense, detects the moment when Wallenquist takes the gun off of Elektra and aims it at him. Then, DD shouts instruction to "Olive Oil" to hit him low. She kicks at him while DD throws his billy club, hitting him in the back of the neck, knocking him out. Daredevil walks over to her, looses her from her bonds. She realizes exactly who Daredevil is- it is Matt Murdock. They kiss. But silently, Daredevil picks up the body of Wallenquist and carries him away, leaving her behind, crying.

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

--letter pages provided by Aussie Stu

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