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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"I am going to save your life, Bullseye, even if I have to beat you senseless to do it!"

-- Daredevil, p. 2

Bullseye goes on his crazed rampage!

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Daredevil #169
March 1981 • 22 pages

Script: Frank Miller • Letters: Joe Rosen
Pencils: Frank Miller • Inks: Klaus Janson

Title: “Devils”

First Appearance: Dr. Gloss, Tom Snyde

Villain: Bullseye

Guest Appearance: Tom Snyde, Lt. Nick Manolis, Dr. Gloss, Foggy Nelson, Heather Glenn, Becky Blake

Cameo: Delany

Innovations: "Good Evening with Tom Snyde" show (inspired by real-life talk show host Tom Snyder)

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Synopsis: While being interviewed on a TV talk show, Matt Murdock gets word that Bullseye has made a violent escape from a hospital where he was about to undergo surgery. He makes a quick exit to take care of the situation. Meanwhile, Bullseye is out on the street in a hospital gown, going through delusions that everyone he sees is dressed in a Daredevil costume. He takes lethal action against those immediately closest to him, sending everyone else running for their lives. Next, he realizes he needs to get his costume back and heads towards a tailor's shop, killing the shopkeeper after knitting together a new Bullseye outfit. Before he can continue his rampage, a severe pain from inside his skull brings him to his knees.

At the hospital, a doctor explains to Daredevil and Lt. Nick Manolis that Bullseye has a brain tumor which caused his most recent collapse (see DD #161.) She also explains that in his delusional fever, he fixated on Daredevil, screaming out his name under sedation. Manolis gets word that Bullseye is on the loose, and Daredevil immediately swings into action.

Bullseye heads to a crowded movie theater, where again he sees devils everywhere. As the pain in his brain subsides, he goes on a violence spree, attacking all around him. Daredevil notes the ruckus and checks the scene out. Inside, he finds Daredevil giving a beating to several innocents. DD tells Bullseye he's sick and he wants to help him. Bullseye refuses, and launches an attack on DD. Bullseye breaks free of DD's grip and grabs moviegoer oblivious to what is going on around him. He threatens to kill the man unless Daredevil stops his attack and lets Bullseye kill him. Daredevil stands still and Bullseye fires a knife at him, hitting him in the shoulder and causing Daredevil to drop to the floor like a lead weight.

In the dead of night, Elektra creeps into Matt Murdock's apartment. She sees a gift of affection to Matt from Heather, and in a rage, throws it against the wall. Heather walks to the door and Elektra heads out the window.

As Lt. Manolis scopes out the crime scene at the movie theater, Daredevil tends to his wound. The oncoming cops chased Bullseye away before he could check on DD's body, and he had managed to keep the knife from penetrating too deeply. DD figures that the hostage has a serious throat condition, based on throat lozenges left behind. He heads outside and clears his mind of all thought except to hone in on the cough of Bullseye's hostage. After eliminating hundreds of other sounds, he finally finds the hacking cough he was looking for.

Meanwhile, Bullseye has taken his hostages back to their apartment where he bullies them while trying to regain his composure. Daredevil crashes through a window and pushes him down the stairs of the building. Bullseye takes off running into the subway, and Daredevil cautiously follows, as the subway is a place where he knows his radar sense is all but useless, what with the cacophony of sounds down there. Initially, he's unable to track Bullseye, but once the villain tackles him down on the tracks, he no longer needs his senses. He grabs hold of Bullseye and keeps hold of him, beating him until he's unconscious. Daredevil realizes a subway train is barreling down the tracks. For a moment, he considers letting Bullseye get run over, so his campaign of death will never continue, but at the last second he saves his life.

Back at the hospital, Lt. Manolis gives Daredevil grief for saving Bullseye. He promises Daredevil that once Bullseye is back on his feet, lawyers are going to set him free, blaming his psychotic behavior on the tumor, and he'll kill again. The doctors announce to them that the operation was a success, and Bullseye will live.

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

--letter pages provided by Aussie Stu

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