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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"If you weren't old enough to be my grampa, I'd show you who oughtta be the ramrod of this sewing circle...! And for a clue, his initials are HAWKEYE!

-- Hawkeye, challenging Cap's leadership, page 3

Don Heck can compose a dramatic panel layout, too, folks!

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Avengers #25
February 966 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Don Heck Inks: Dick Ayers

Lineup: Captain America Hawkeye Quicksilver Scarlet Witch

Title: "Enter...Dr. Doom!

Villain: Dr. Doom

Guest Appearance: Fantastic Four

Cameo: Rama-Tut (all in flashback)

Cool Hawkeye Arrow: Sneeze Smog Arrow

Gadgets & Technology: Scanner Scope, Plastithene Dome, Vibra-Ray, Rocket-Powered Harpoon

Letters Page: Page One Page Two

House Ad: Page One

Synopsis: Dr. Doom watches the Avengers as they've returned from Kang's future timeline (see AVENGERS #24). He realizes one way he can get at the Fantastic Four is to provide an example to them that will strike great fear in their hearts: the defeat of the Avengers. He begins to concoct his plan....

After more bickering amongst the team, in which Hawkeye once again makes a play for leadership, and once again Scarlet Witch pines longingly for Steve Rogers, the man who is Captain America broods in his loneliness, wondering how to handle himself as a man in the future, out of his own time. A letter is delivered to Wanda, alerting her and Pietro to a previously unknown relative living in Latveria, who requests they travel to meet her. The siblings had previously thought they were orphans, and since they have always wanted to know more about their parentage, they round the rest of the team up and convince them to travel to Latveria with them.

After Dr. Doom makes the rounds in Latveria, witnessed by both his loving citizens and those who rightfully fear and loathe him, the Avengers step onto the train platform in civilian clothes. No one greets them, however, but the police, who immediately arrest them. Fearing they've been suckered into a trap, Wanda breaks them out of jail with her hex powers, and they switch into costume. As soon as Dr. Doom learns they've escaped from the prison, he activates a giant plastithene dome that completely surrounds the tiny nation of Latveria. As Hawkeye soon finds out, it is an impregnable dome, and they decide to go on the offensive against Doom to gain their freedom.

The Avengers race into his castle, where they finally are face-to-face with Doom. The tyrant uses an energy beam on Hawkeye, and then pins Cap's shield against the wall with a giant magnet. Quicksilver tries to loop around Doom and bind him with his cloak, but Doom tosses him into Captain America like a horseshoe shot. As Scarlet Witch tries to get Doom with a hex spell, the distraction allows Hawkeye to get a shot off with a melter arrow, which causes Doom's armor to start dripping off his body. Caught off guard, Doom runs away before he can be seen and changes into a tougher armor.

They try once again, but the team still cannot break through the dome. Doom is met by one of his citizens who asks to let her boy pass through the dome so that he can seek urgent medical treatment in the country next door. Doom refuses to open the dome, fearing the Avengers will slip through. Across the continental pond, the FF hear of the Avengers plight, and try to go help but are stopped by order of the US government, who doesn't want a diplomatic crisis to develop with American meddling in a friendly, foreign nation.

The Avengers realize they must break through the dome with haste, so Latverians can get on with their lives, and they once again gain the castle walls of Doom. As a team, they launch an all-out, coordinated attack on Doom. Hawkeye and Cap provide cover fire while Scarlet Witch depowers Doom's disintegrator ray, causing him to waste valuable time defending the dome controls from Quicksilver, who opens it wide. Quicksilver then topples Doom onto his control panel, causing his suit to short-circuit, allowing the Avengers to slip away, with Hawkeye providing a smoke-screen getaway courtesy of his "Sneeze-Smog" arrow.

An incessant sneezing fit is the final indignity turned towards Doom. Standing beyond the borders of Latveria, Wanda and Pietro rue the wild goose chase Doom made of their sad past.

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

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