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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"It's finished! We have a wrist band to nowhere!

-- Reed, to Sue and Ben, page 8

Pencil in hand, Reed labors over his circuitry schematics. Now imagine Jack laboring over this panel, pencil in hand!


Fantastic Four #67
October 1967 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: Jack Kirby • Inks: Joe Sinnott

Title: "When Opens the Cocoon!”

Villain: Morlak, Zota, Shinski

Guest Appearance: Alicia Masters, Him, Dr. Hamilton, Crystal

Death: Dr. Jerome Hamilton

Gadgets & Technology: Vacuum Car, Anti-Gravity Transmitter, Micro-Tool Assembly Unit, "Wrist Band to Nowhere"

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Synopsis: (continued from FF #66)

Reed goes over his detailed schematics, trying to perfectly match the bracelet he saw worn on the wrist of the mysterious figure who spirited Alicia away from her apartment. After receiving a special delivery of Micro-Units from Tony Stark, he and Ben get to some serious work.

The woman in question, Alicia, is being led through the catacombs of the "Beehive", where she and her guide, Dr. Hamilton, are receiving warning blasts from Him. Hamilton is blinded by the radiant molecular wall that the being has created around himself, but Alicia is magnetically drawn to Him, concerned that perhaps the being is only frightened or confused in a world it does not understand. As the blind woman makes her way without jeopardy down the dark corridor towards its presence, Hamilton is dragged down by tendrils growing from the ground, unable to keep up with her. Meanwhile, the other members of the Enclave bicker amongst themselves about the next course of action. Zota is worried about the fate of Hamilton and Alicia, while Morlak and Shinski argue that Hamilton is a weakling, and not confident about their mission of world supremacy. They realize that it won't be long before the one they call Him will gain enough power to destroy the whole Citadel of Science, but Shinski tells them he's worked on a plan to fight back, and together, the speed towards his creation: the Anti-Gravity Transmitter. With it, they can propel Him up into outer space if need be. Morlak believes it will work, giving them a chance to repeat the process again and try to generate a new and improved lifeform.

Johnny, Sue, Ben and Crystal try and find ways to bide their time while they wait for Reed to finish his new gadget- and he finally emerges from his lab, with a replica of the wristband.

Meanwhile, Alicia slowly and cautiously makes her way towards the voice of Him, urging her towards himself because he can sense her goodness of heart. She finally comes up next to him, and reaches out to touch Him, and she finds that he is enclosed inside a cocoon. He tells her he is growing weaker, and she promises to stand by his side and help him through it.

Reed, Johnny and Ben say goodbye to Crystal and Sue, who is told to stay behind and out of battle while she is pregnant. Donning the wristband, Reed grab holds of Ben and Johnny and together they walk right through the wall into the unknown! they emerge inside the Citadel of Science, and a group of astonished guards fire weapons at them. Reed folds himself over several of them, demanding to know where Alicia is, but that is nothing compared to the righteous rage of the Thing, who topples a giant machine from its mooring, demanding to know where his girlfriend is.

Hamilton frees himself from the tendrils and makes his way towards where Alicia wandered. There is a lull in the radioactive activity, because Him is going through metamorphosis, and Hamilton is very concerned what will emerge. Alicia tries to talk him out of it, but Hamilton raises a laster gun to the cocoon, but is blown back by an intense blast of force. The cocoon begins to dissolve, and Hamilton realizes it is too late to stop it.

Ben finally gets the info from a guard and they're off to penetrate Lock 41, the thick door behind which Alicia has gone. Meanwhile, the being is emerging from its cocoon, and is determined to punish those who meant to use his vast power for evil. His first target is Hamilton, who is killed by a massive concussive blast. Alicia cries out in the dark, all alone now, but like a seeming miracle, Ben is there to hold her. Johnny tries to absorb as much energy from Him as possible, but they don't know what they're dealing with, and Reed demands that they make their escape with Alicia.

Shinski, Zota and Morlak watch on the view screen as the FF escape, and make their move to Shinski's Anti-Gravity Transmitter. He hits the plunger to detonate it, but instead of sending Him up into outer space, nothing happens! But shortly, they hear large shockwaves reverberate through the Citadel, as Him is walking closer. The FF barely make it through the teleporting machine before Him makes his way towards his creators. He now resembles something like a golden god, and he passes judgement upon the trio of scientists, leaving them to an unknown fate after destroying the beehive.

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

--letters pages and house ads provided by Karl Mattson

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