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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"I'm sick of adventure - - and peril!! I just want to live a normal life - - ! I want to set up housekeeping as Mrs. Reed Richards - - I want to be involved with Super-Markets, instead of Super-Villains!”

-- Sue Storm, letting loose some pent-up frustration towards her husband, page 4

Here they come, the Fantastic...Three?!?!!


Fantastic Four #65
August 1967 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: Jack Kirby • Inks: Joe Sinnott

Title: "- - From Beyond This Planet Earth!”

First Appearance: Ronan, the Accuser; The Supreme Intelligence, Dr. Jerome Hamilton (unnamed), O'Malley

Villain: Ronan, the Accuser

Guest Appearance: Crystal

Cameo: The Supreme Intelligence, Dr. Jerome Hamilton, Alicia Masters, O'Malley

Gadgets & Technology: Universal Weapon, Basic Matter Transporter, Cone of Impenatrability, All-Purpose Blaster

Innovations: "Stratagem 32"

Letters Page: Page OnePage Two

House Ads: Ad #1Ad #2

Synopsis: A strange being called the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree performs a sort of "alien abduction" on the Fantastic Four, plumbing from their memories proof that they destroyed the Sentinel 459 and the Kree island space port. He then pronounces them guilty of acts of Kree sabotage, and returns them to their normal lives to await punishment at the hands of Ronan, the Accuser. Thing and Johnny are jarred awake from what they think was a weird nightmare, but after comparing notes with Reed and Sue, hey realize they all had the same dream. When Reed emboldens Sue to never let her guard down against these unknown threats, Sue breaks down, fearing their lives will turn into a continual mill of fright and peril. Reed realizes the part he's played in his wife's resentments, and resolves to be a more considerate husband to her.

From deep space comes the Kree warrior Ronan, finally landing on Earth to fulfill his mission- to destroy the Fantastic Four. He lands on a city street and surrounds himself with a protective Aura of Negativism, then begins his march to his targets. Ben and Johnny are having a little horseplay in the Baxter Building, then Johnny heads out in his hot rod to pick up Crystal, who has been clothes shopping with Sue. Reed catches up with Sue and takes her out to an expensive dinner, but suddenly, they disappear in a poof of smoke. Johnny, too, disappears from behind the wheel of his sports car, leaving Crystal behind. Ben, who is at the Baxter Building receiving a package from the mailman, also disappears while handling a box from the Yancy Street Gang.

They all find themselves transported to inside the Aura of Negativism where they meet Ronan, who accuses them of crimes against the Kree people, and informs them of their punishment- total destruction. Naturally, the FF are ready to defend themselves, but their plea of self-defense gets nowhere, so they have to resort to force. Ronan fires his Universal Weapon at Thing, laying him low, then draws out Johnny's flame powers from his body. He suppresses the others with his great power, telling them that the superior Kree race is supreme and demands constant respect. Thing tries to crawl towards him, to get one last lick in, but he falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, Alicia sits alone in her room, worried about strange voices she has been hearing in her head. Suddenly, she is beckoned by a man, appearing in physical form. He asks her to join him, and she places her hand in his and together they walk through her wall to....where?

Back at the battle between the FF and the Sentry, the police roll out an All-Purpose Blaster gun the FF had designed for them, but even its formidable strength cannot penetrate the Aura of Negativism. Inside, the Thing regains his strength and grabs the Sentry from behind, lifting him up off the ground. This allows the rest of the team to gang up on him, tackling him with their great strength. Reed tries to grab hold of the Accuser's weapon, but is spun around viciously while he holds onto it.

Thing grabs the weapon, but the Sentry wrestles with him, threatening to discharge it right in Thing's face. But Reed bellows out to Ben to deploy "Strategem 32", presumably a patented FF fighting technique, and the Thing knocks him down so the Sentry falls atop his own weapon. When it goes off, he disappears into thin air. As they clear the battlefield, Reed wonders how long it will take the alien race known as the Kree from returning to finish the job the Sentry was not able to complete....

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

--letters pages and house ads provided by Crusher Creel

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Fantastic Four #61-71, Annual #5

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