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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Foggy's right! So many of that web-slinger's exploits have been photographed - - you'd almost think he sets up an automatic camera and takes the pix himself!”

-- Matt Murdock, p. 2

John Romita gets to draw Spider-Man for the first time!

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Daredevil #16
May 1966 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: John Romita
Inks: Frank Giacoia (credited as Frankie Ray)

Title: “Enter---Spider-Man”

Villain/First Appearance: Masked Marauder

Guest Appearance: Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson

Cameo: J. Jonah Jameson, Aunt May

Innovations: World Motors

Gadgets & Technology: XB-390 Engine, Shock-Shatter Ray

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Synopsis: Foggy and Karen watch TV news footage of Spider-Man rumbling with the Masked Marauder's gang of crooks, giving a play-by-play to Matt Murdock. Foggy is quite impressed with Spider-Man's derring-do during the fight, comparing him more favorably to the "glamor boy" Daredevil. Karen gives Foggy a hard time about disparaging Daredevil after all that he has done for them in the past.

The Masked Marauder, angered that Spider-Man had foiled his planned robbery of the World Motors Building, devises a plan to get rid of the web-spinning menace. He gets a dozen of his thugs to suit up as Daredevil and deploy themselves around the city, waiting for the moment they spot Spider-Man, when they will pick a fight with him. This would cause Spider-Man to not only waste his time fighting phony foes, but to encourage enmity between the two crime-fighters. Sure enough, as Spidey is out doing a routine patrol, a billy club comes flying from out of nowhere, coming very close to smacking him upside the head. He sees a figure that looks like DD bounding away, and wonders why his friend would do such a thing. Again, another Daredevil figure on a nearby rooftop shoots a grappling line around Spidey's ankle. Spidey rips the line away easily, thinking that DD used a stronger gauge line, and continuing to wonder why his friend seems out to get him!

After Karen leaves the office, Matt decides to go out on patrol as Daredevil. He runs into a fighting mad Spider-Man, who decides to try and solve his problem with Daredevil with his fists. DD has no idea why Spidey has flipped out on him, but he's up to the challenge of taking him on. The police spot the two tussling on the rooftops and call it in. The Masked Marauder hears this on the police band radio and decides it's time to swing into action! He races back to the World Motors Center building, and using his hi-tech equipment and flawlessly timed planning, his goons penetrate the building and rob some super-secret plans for the XB-390, the "greatest new engine discovery of the decade!" They put away a couple of security guards looming about, secure the plans, and then evacuate the scene- mission accomplished!

Meanwhile, Spider-Man and Daredevil are still messing around on the rooftops. Daredevil realizes Spider-Man's strength is too great for him, and it's all he can do to stay on top of the fight. He uses his grappling line to wrap Spidey up around a pole, circling him several times. This gives DD a chance to declare victory and make a delicate escape. It doesn't take long for Spidey to bust free of the line (while remarking to himself how much stronger it was than the last line DD wrapped around him!) Shamed by this loss, Spidey heads back home, then to work at the Daily Bugle, where J. Jonah Jameson bugs him about not getting pictures of the Masked Marauder's heist at the World Motors Center. Peter Parker figures that maybe Daredevil is in league with the Masked Marauder, keeping him occupied while the villain was stealing the plans for the XB-390.

Back at the law offices, Foggy is wondering the same scenario about Daredevil, but Matt turns it back on him, suggesting that maybe it's Spider-Man that's up to no good! As the Masked Marauder plans the next level of his devious plot, Spider-Man is out looking for Daredevil. His spider-sense tingles as he passes Nelson & Murdock. He peeks into the window, sees the blind Matt Murdock and secretary Karen Page, and assumes neither of them could be Daredevil. He hops into the window, grabbing the only person he can rationally conclude is triggering his spider-sense as Daredevil- Foggy Nelson!

(continued in DD #17)

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

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