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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Pity poor Daredevil! Captured by the 20th century pirate known as the Plunderer, he is taken to a hidden land, which turnsout to be Ka-Zar's domain! There, he loses his super-senses in battle, and as he lies helpless in Ka-Zar's cave, along comesMaa-Gor, last of the deadly Ape-Man tribe! Otherwise, everything's just fine!”

-- narrative from the splash page, p. 1

I wonder how many times Maa-Gor has heard "I wouldn't go out with you if you werethe last Ape-Man alive!"

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Daredevil #13
February 1966 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils/Inks: John Romita • Layouts: Jack Kirby

Title: “The Secret of Ka-Zar's Origin!”

Villain: The Plunderer, Slagg, Feepers, Maa-Gor

Origin: Ka-Zar

First Appearance: Slagg, Feepers, Boswell (unnamed), Lord Plunder (in flashback)

Guest Appearance: Ka-Zar, Zabu, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, Lord Plunder

Death: Slagg

Cameo: Boswell

Innovations: Ka-Zar's name revealed as Kevin Plunder

Letters Page: Page OnePage Two

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Synopsis: (continued from DD #12)

Maa-Gor sneaks into Daredevil's cave and examines the strange man dressed in red garb that lies before him. Worried Maa-Gor is goingin for the kill, DD, punches at him. Since he doesn't have his extra-sensory capabilities for the time being, DD is forced to fight back withthe limited range of senses that he has. Back at the killer plant, Zabu attacks the giant shrub to give Ka-Zar a chance to fight back with an open flame, burning the killer plan back and making away with the Ju-Ju berries he needs to save Daredevil.

Ka-Zar's cries are overheard by Lord Plunder, who tells his pirate crew they are going to kill Ka-Zar to get him out of the way. One of his men, Slagg, speaks up, telling Plunder they'd love to know why they're so intent on getting Ka-Zar. Plunder tells him he'll find out whenever he's good and ready to tell them, and they move on. Back at the cave, DD is giving Maa-Gor the runaround, but is wearying and can't keep up the fight for long. Just as Maa-Gor makes a brutal charge on DD, the Plunderer comes to the face of the cave and shoots a laser blast at the caveman, sending him running for his life. When they help DD get back on his feet, they realize that he's gone blind. In conversation then, Plunder reveals why they're after Ka-Zar, and it has something to do with the fact that the two are brothers!

In New York, Foggy and Karen worry over Matt's fate, since they heard his cruise ship was attacked by pirates, but Foggy is also hopeful that with Matt out of the way, Karen's affections will turn solely towards him. The phone rings, and it's the Coast Guard, informing Foggy they still have no found Matt Murdock anywhere, and they have abandoned the search.

When Ka-Zar and Zabu return with the Ju-Ju berries, they find the Plunderer waiting for them. Lord Plunder raises a piece of a shiny medallion up high over his head and Ka-Zar recognizes it. From his pouch, he pulls a similar piece of a medallion, pieces the two together and they realize that it fits into one complete medallion! Lord Plunder tells Ka-Zar each half of the medallion was given to two brothers by long-lost parents. Ka-Zar deduces they are the two brothers! Suddenly, he is surprised when Slagg lowers a cage down upon him. They imprison Ka-Zar inside and carry him away, but not before Ka-Zar can toss Daredevil the Ju-Ju berries he got. DD consumes them and realizes his powers are returning, a fact he keeps hidden from Lord Plunder.

They return to England and Plunder's castle via his submarine so that he can more easily coax Ka-Zar's medallion from him. Plunder convenes a dinner with his pirate crew and Daredevil. For some reason, Plunder poisons his crew through a sleeping potion passed through the ale they drink, and the whole room eventually falls silent, save for Daredevil. Plunder explains to DD that he is to go down to the dungeon and persuade Ka-Zar to give up the medallion, since DD seems to be trusted by his brother. He explains the reason why: his father once found an incredible ore that sent out vibrations that destroyed any metal they came in contact with. He hid the ore deposit inside a giant crypt that could only be opened when two pieces of a medallion were connected. He gave two his sons Kevin and Parnival a piece of the medallion, so that one day, after he had died, they could reunite the medallion and recover the ore as their inheritance.

Plunder, of course, wants the ore for himself, so he pushes Daredevil into the dungeon where he holds Ka-Zar.The jungle man doesn't understand what is happening and the two begin to brawl. Daredevil uses his acrobatic skills to launch himselfoff of Ka-Zar's back right up to Plunder, smacking him right in the jaw with his feet, knocking him out. DD pulls Ka-Zar up from the dungeon in an act of friendship, restoring the goodwill between the two. Behind their backs comes Plunder's mate Slagg, who threatens them with a laser blaster to hand over the medallion. But Slagg is shot down by another man, one of Plunder's servants, a man named Feepers. He attacks Daredevil and Ka-Zar, telling them to hand over the medallion. But contact with Ka-Zar's medallion destroys Feeper's gun, and DD knocks him out with a right hook. Ka-Zar jumps out the window, as this is all getting to be too much for him, and he tries to escape to the countryside. Daredevil fears for what he'll do in this strange new world, and chases after him.

Feepers gets back up and calls on his fellow espionage agents, telling them through radio contact to look out for Ka-Zar, and to stop him and sieze the medallion at once! Later, Lord Plunder rises from unconsciousness and sees Slagg dead on the ground. He calls on the police to report his medallion as stolen property, and they send out a force to check on his claim.

And as Daredevil and Ka-Zar are spotted by a sniper, he shoots a grenade pellet at them, knocking them down with a huge concussive blast.

(continued in DD #14)

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

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