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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"No! No! You incompetent fraud! You couldn't have read that x-ray right! She's going to live, I tell you! Wasp is not going to die! SAY IT! Say you can save her!!”

-- Giant-Man, flipping out and manhandling the Wasp's doctor, page 3

Thor...has had...ENOUGH!!!!

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Avengers #14
March 1965 • 20 pages

Plots: Stan Lee
Script: Larry Lieber & Paul Laiken
Letters: Sam Rosen
Layouts: Jack Kirby
Pencils: Don Heck
Inks: Chic Stone

Lineup: Captain America • Giant-Man • Iron Man • Thor • Wasp

Title: “Even Avengers Can Die!”

Origin/Villains: Kallusians, Ogor

First Appearance: Dr. Svenson, Kallusians, Ogor

Guest Appearance: Dr. Svenson, Rick Jones, the Watcher

Cameo: Teen Brigade

Innovation: Planet Kallu

Gadgets & Technology: Geiger-Counter Missile, Anti-Freeze Pills, Ice-Guns, Deltanoid Ray, Matter Displacer

Letters Page: Page One • Page Two

Synopsis: Giant-Man carries the Wasp in his arm, leaping through traffic with the team following behind, as they race to the hospital to get her the urgent medical care she requires. They hand her over to the surgeon, who advises them to wait while he takes X-Rays. While in the waiting room, Giant-Man starts to crack up, anguishing over the fate of his true love. The doctor comes out and says the Wasp only has 48 hours. Giant-Man reacts violently to this news and his teammates have to hold him back. The doctor explains that she has a collapsed lung from a bullet, and that the only doctor who can care for her effectively is one Doctor Svenson in Norway.

Thor races across the ocean to Norway in order to bring back Dr. Svenson in time to operate. He finds the man working on experiments in his lab, and Thor tries to explain to him he is needed. Dr. Svenson shouts back that Thor must leave, as he has no time to do anything but work on his experiments. Thor grabs him and takes him away by force, with the man shouting that he is not who Thor thinks he is! Finally, they arrive at the hospital, and the man refuses to work on the Wasp. Giant-Man once again over-reacts and grabs Dr. Svenson, when suddenly, a mask is ripped off. It is not Dr. Svenson after all- it is a space alien!

The alien starts to gasp and choke, and then passes away, but his last words indicate that the real doctor is being held captive by his alien race. Giant-Man crumples to the floor in his angst, sure that this means doom for the Wasp. But the team rallies, and decides they must locate this alien race and find the doctor. They split up- Hank Pym contacting his legions of ant friends all over the world; Cap enlists the aid of the Teen Brigade to monitor radio frequencies; Tony Stark shoots off a Geiger-Counter missile into the atmosphere; and Thor returns to Asgard to use his godlike powers to search. They turn up no indications that alien life forms are in the places they looked. Through process of elimination, they determine that the only place on earth where the aliens could be- where no ants live, nor radio waves work, and in a remote place- is the North and South Poles. Thor's hammer locks in on the North Pole, and that is where they head.

They take a fast plane out to the North Pole and start digging. Iron Man's repulsor rays carve a hole in the ground, and once down in the recess, they are found by aliens brandishing Ice-Guns. They easily subdue the cadre of aliens and make their way to a massive city underground. Before they can figure out what's going on, they are cut down by a paralysis ray and taken to meet with Ogor, ruler of the Kallusians. Ogor explains to the stunned Avengers that he is leader of a peaceful race who is on the run from cosmic aggressors. They found refuge on Earth, in order to bide time to once again face their enemies, but they had difficulty adapting their lungs to Earth's oxygen. They came across Dr. Svenson, who agreed to help them adjust their lungs to Earth's atmosphere, and they planted a double in his lab in Norway to give appearances that he was not missing.

Thor snaps out of his paralyzed state and demands they allow Svenson to go with him, but Ogor refuses. Thor demands that the Kallusians free his teammates from paralysis, as he is holding Ogor hostage, which they do. But still, Ogor refuses to release Svenson, and a fight breaks out, with the Avengers wasting no time in mopping up the aliens. Dr. Svenson comes out and demands people stop fighting. As Svenson explains that he is helping the Kallusians of his own free will, the enemies of the Kallusians have finally found their outpost on Earth! Ogor realizes they've been discovered and orders all his citizens to battle stations: the fight begins now, on Earth!

Upon hearing this, Thor rages that the Kallusians will have two enemies- not one- if they do not allow Svenson to go with them to save the Wasp, and take their battle with their enemies elsewhere. Ogor realizes he has no choice, and allows the team to take the doctor back to New York. They step through the Kallusian's Matter Displacer and are back at the hospital in no time. Dr. Svenson prepares the Wasp for surgery and goes to work on her.

Meanwhile, the Kallusians have moved their entire populace out of the North Pole to prepare for battle in a universe 12,000 light years away. In an interlude, the Watcher lands in the North Pole complex, musing on the events that have just taken place. And back at the hospital, Dr. Svenson delivers the news: the operation is a success! The Wasp will live!

-- synopsis by Gormuu

-- panel images and letters pages provided by Avengers Assemble

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