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Fantastic Four Masterworks Vol. 5

The F.F.'s Rogues Gallery never quite matched Spider-Man's in breadth, but the power and presence of Dr. Doom, Galactus, The Submariner and Silver Surfer were unmatched by any other villains in any other Marvel title as presented by Jack and Stan. This series is the starting point for any serious comic collection.

-- Rob Maisch


Best story/art of its generation.

-- Daniel Torrens

The Marvel Universe from the point of view of the man in the street. Great story. Wonderful art.

-- Alex Johnson

Green Lantern-Green Arrow (box set)

Adams does artistic magic while Denny O' Neill introduces social issues and relevance to comic books for a more mature reader. While slightly dated in their topical concerns (Population Explosion, Pollution, etc.) the stories are told with insight and conviction and still stand-up well to the reader first viewing them in 2005. This set is also currently out-of-print to the complete mystification of comic lovers everywhere.

-- Rob Maisch

Fantastic Four Masterworks Vol. 1

The first ten issues of the World's Greatest Comic Magazine! Lee and Kirby, having loosened up and gotten comfortable with each other doing monster stories and westerns for a couple of years, kick off the Marvel Age of superhero comics in these pages. The most explosive creative team of the 1960s, at the start of its climb to complete dominance in the field. Possibly the most important Marvel Masterwork, and surely one of the most enjoyable.

-- James Friel


Crisis on Infinite Earths

What can I say that hasn't been said before? The first, and still greatest, ULTIMATE hero team-up ever.

-- James Connell

The most significant event to occur in the D.C. Universe.

-- Daniel Torrens

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