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The Complete Peanuts: 1950 to 1952

I absolutely love his early work. I know that Mr. Schulz didn't think as highly of it (and that's part of the reason that the newspaper reprints started in the 1970s), but it think it is the best work he did on the strip. Start here and you won't stop.

-- Alex Johnson

Maus: A Survivor's Tale

One of the few comic books that I return to regularly and its also accessible to a mainstream audience.

-- Christy2002

The first comic book to win a Pulitzer Prize. By Art
Spiegelman, one of the handful of geniuses who emerged from the underground comix movement of the late '60s-early '70s. The story of the Nazi Holocaust in Poland as related by Spiegelman's father, an Auschwitz survivor, to his son the cartoonist, and told in cartoon form as a not-funny animal comic. Brilliant. Indispensible. One of the few comics everyone should read.

-- James Friel

Kurt Busiek's Astro City
Life in the Big City

An amazing assembly of comic myths and legends expertly crafted and interwoven together. Magical.

-- Joe Average

It's a whole sub-genre now, the superhero comics that take a less formally conventional approach to superheroics, but without the cynicism that characterizes deconstructionist efforts like Watchmen and Dark Knight: there's Powers, Rising Stars, The Authority, and the whole ABC line...but Astro City was there first. It owns the territory. And it still may be the best of the lot.

-- James Friel

Complete Weird Science
(Russ Cochran box set)

This series of books is exceptional in every facet. Engaging, timeless stories. Fabulous top-flight art, incredible reproduction from the original artwork.

-- Joe Average

When comics reach a true art form and are being done out of love for the genre instead of the bottom line.

-- Silveragemarvelman

Bone One Volume

This book has everything- beautiful princess, hapless heroes, dragons, rat creatures, cow races, hidden treasure, magic...what more could you want?

-- Alex Johnson

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