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Uncanny X-Men Masterworks Vol. 5

The Claremont-Byrne-Austin run on X-Men was one of the peaks of that strip in both quality and popularity. This is that run's core: The Dark Phoenix Saga. The most influential comics story arc of the middle and late 1970s, and one which still reverberates in the Marvel Universe.

-- James Friel

The greatest X-Men story ever told, including John Byrne's greatest artwork, as well as one of the greatest superhero deaths of all time and my favorite Wolverine moment of all time.

-- Buddydave25

Fantastic Firsts

The core collection of seminal stories that comprises the very backbone of the original Marvel Age of Comics and the early Marvel Method.

-- Silveragemarvelman

Better presentation than Origins/Son of Origins, plus it has Ant-Man and Sgt. Fury...sorely overlooked in the aforementioned books.

-- James Connell

Please note: The "Out of Print" purchase link to Amazon leads to the TPB edition. Click on used collectible books and you will find the rare HC listed for sale.

-- Gormuu

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 1

This is where it all begins for Spidey! Something about the energy of these first 10 issues, they never get tiring to read.

-- Warlock664

A true masterwork of ideas: Introduces teenage angst and numerous villains with staying power into the comics-conscientious.

-- Joe Average


The Watchmen

Along with Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, this series began--or at least pushed to critical mass--both the "dark'n'gritty" trend in 1980s comics and the superhero deconstructionist movement which we still see thriving in series like Powers, Rising Stars, and elsewhere.

-- James Friel

It is a crime that the hardback Graphitti Slipcased
edition is not continuously available to those of us who feel that this is the single greatest comic book story of all time.

-- Rob Maisch


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Great story and art. Moves to the end of Batmanís career and how he fights against change. Wonderful.

-- Alex Johnson

The most significant pop culture contribution of the last thirty-five years.

-- Daniel Torrens

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