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Welcome to the Top 25 Hardcovers of All Time List -- as voted by fans of great comics!

The poll behind this list was designed to select the cream of the crop -- the best hardcover comic collections, either in print or out of print -- as voted by members of the Marvel Masterworks Resource Page message board! Instead of one person's opinion, it allowed all of us to share our recommendations, collate them into a big pile, and have them summarized in a Top 25 list. We hope that it is an excellent measurement of those hardcovers that our community thinks should be in everyone's library.

A word about methodology: in order to keep things simple for both our jury and our tabulators, we asked voters to rank their top 10 hardcovers and awarded points to each book in reverse order (for example, a first place vote received 10 points, a second place vote received 9 points, as so on). The book with the most points ranked highest, with the tiebreaker being the number of times the book was mentioned on voters' ballots (for example, a book with two sixth place votes -- worth 5 points each -- would rank higher than a book with one first place vote).

However, because we all love lists, we have a page of expanded and side lists. Included are the top 50 vote-getting books using two different ranking methods. One list uses the methodology listed above, and the other list uses the number of mentions as the main ranking criterion, with number of points being the tiebreaker. But wait -- there's more! We've also listed the top 25 lines, in an effort to deal with the split vote factor (for example, in the Top 25 Lines list, votes for all Spider-Man Masterworks volumes are combined and compared against the other hardcover lines).

Before we get to the list, we'd like to thank all of those who participated in our jury...

Top 25 Hardcovers Jury: Joe Pacheco, Joe Average, James Connell, Arachwalker, Rob Maisch, James Friel, Siveragemarvelman, gp, Captain Jersey, Christy2002, Greg Fischer, Mark McKenzie, Daniel Torrens, Sethbron, InvaderOne, warlock664, Jason Manahan, JJJ, rgw001, Todd Tamanend Clark, buddydave25, Alex Johnson, Scott Nichols, forgerelli, cleazer, jhalbright, jaldec, Matt Young, and Gormuu.

Special thanks goes avengers assemble, cleazer, James Friel, and forgerelli for their assistance in developing and managing this poll.

Yours in Hardcovers,

Buddydave25 and Gormuu

And now, the.........................

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