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Voting is Now Open for the Top 25 Hardcovers Poll!

Imagine you are new to the world of hardcover comics and hardcover reprints and are visiting this website for the first time -- a site dedicated to the definitive editions of collected comics. You immerse yourself in the wealth of information gathered by the members of this community. But the big question remains: What to buy first?

This poll is a humble attempt to answer that very question! Instead of one person's opinion, it will provide the opportunity for all of us to share our recommendations, collate them into a big pile, and have them summarized in a Top 25 list* that will be posted on the website. If enough people participate, it will be an excellent measurement of those hardcovers that our community thinks should be in everyone's library.

If you are interested in participating, please consider the following rules and guidelines very carefully:

Poll Eligibility:

1) Hardcover books only! And individual titles, not lines of books. Example: Please don't suggest Spider-Man Masterworks. We need to know which volume (or volumes) of all the different Spider-Man Masterworks.

2) Books may contain comic books or comic strips, its primary trait being part of the sequential art medium. Mind you, we're looking for books of original or reprint comics material, NOT books ABOUT comic books.

3) You may consider both reprint hardcovers and hardcovers of original material.

4) Books may be currently in print or out of print

5) Books must have been released before February 9, 2005. (see below for list of ineligible books)

6) You don't have to own a book to vote for it, but it would help to at least have read its contents or be very much aware of specific qualities about it that you like.

7) PLEASE NOTE: This is not for Masterworks or Archives only, this list is for all hardcover comic books!

Poll Criteria:

Vote for the hardcovers you think belong in everyone's library, whether that be for artistic reasons, historic reasons, or just pure reading enjoyment. Does a hardcover rise to your standards of artistic credibility? In your eyes, does the hardcover include material so historically significant that it merits inclusion? Are there personal favorites that you think belong on the list that perhaps others have overlooked? Ask these questions to yourself as you mull over your choices.

Poll Directions:

1) After thoughtful consideration, rank your top 10 hardcovers in order (with #1 being the top rated choice).

2) Strongly encouraged but optional -- Include brief testimonials for some or all of the books on your list.

3) Email your list and testimonials to buddydave25 at buddydave_1@yahoo.com.

4) State whether or not you wish your screen name and/or real name to be included in our "jury" list.

Poll Deadline:

Friday, April 8, 2005

NOTE: Since this is a secret ballot, let's not indulge in posting our ranked lists at the message boards. However, feel free to post some of your testimonials and lobby for your favorite books. Though we wish to create a comprehensive and serious list, we also want to have fun with this! And I hope you have fun taking part!

Also, if you feel like you don't have the judgement or qualified opinion to send in a list, that's just fine- don't feel obligated to, just because you're reading this! Part of the fun for novice collectors will be seeing a list of quality books formed as a resource for you to use in the future!

Thanks in advance for participating!

*The Top 25 will feature graphics and testimonials, and a list of the next 25 will follow below. In an effort to deal with the "split vote" factor, there will also be a list of the top hardcover lines (such as Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks, Batman Archives, etc.).

* Books that were released on or after February 9, 2005, and are thus ineligible:

  • Ultimate X-Men Vol. 4 HC
  • All-Star Archives Vol. 11
  • Daredevil Masterworks Vol. 3
  • Superman/Batman: Supergirl HC
  • Ministry of Space HC
  • Fantastic Four Vol. 2 HC
  • ...anything else released from Feb. 9, 2005 onward

  • All cover images are courtesy of the Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Gallery.

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