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by Gormuu

Welcome to this special news update page, which will be dedicated to making sure the most current information on this deluxe, special-edition hardcover is online in a single place. To cut to the chase, here's what we know about this project NEWLY UPDATED INFO WILL BE IN RED:

1) The book will reprint Fantastic Four #1-30 and Annual #1. That totals 773 pages of content, by my calculations.

2) All letters pages from those issues will be included. That totals 40 pages of content.

3) It is 848 pages total and will have a list price of $100.

4) It will be a limited edition printing. THE PRE-ORDER DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 5/12.

5) It is due to ship in the latter part of June.

6) There will be two different choices for dustjacket covers: a variant with work by Jack Kirby, and a variant by Alex Ross. CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW IMAGE FOR THE BOTH COVER IMAGES:

7) The contents of FF #1, including the cover and all interior pages, will be newly restored.

8) All upgrades present from the last round of reprints of FF Masterworks will be included in the Omnibus, such as the added pages in the Annual, the added content in many of the comics, and the original color matching. (For more information on "Remasterworks" upgrades, check out the REMASTERWORKS FAQ.

9) It will be in Marvel's Oversize Hardcover format.

10) The official announcement is in, from Marvel's David Gabriel. The paper stock being used for the FF Omnibus book is COATED DULL IVORY MATTE FINISH.

11) It will be noted as "Vol. 1" on the spine.


1) When can I start ordering this book?

You can order it now! Here are the preorder links for both the Kirby and Alex Ross cover versions from Tales of Wonder. Both are priced at $69.99:



If you want to contact your retailer of choice, make sure to specify which variant cover you want. There will be two different codes, one for each variant cover. Demand from your retailer that they are sure they are ordering the variant cover you want.

This book is a limited edition, so don't expect supplies to last forever. Stores like Tales of Wonder are going to stock beyond their initial preorders, but with this price point, it's not likely to be very much.

2) What kind of paper stock will Marvel use for the Omnibus?

See #10 in the list above.

3) Will there be any restoration done to issues beyond FF #1?

At this point, no. Most of the pages in the first 30 issues have been excellently restored anyway. It is the later Sinnott issues which are in the most need of attention.

4) What are the bonus materials that are to be included?

The solicit copy mentions "This keepsake edition also includes...critical commentaries, a historical overview, and other DVD-style extras." That mention is as much as we know now. According to my calculations, they'll have about 35 pages to mess around with.

5) Is this the Maximum Fantastic Four book I've heard about? What's up with that book?

No, it's not the Maximum FF book, which is a book dedicated to explicating in fine detail the first issue of Fantastic Four, with detailed analysis of artwork and script. That book made it into the May solicits by mistake. It was cancelled and is now set to be published later in the year, perhaps in line with Christmas holiday season and the release of the FF movie DVD.

6) Is this the start of a new line of "Super Masterworks?" Are there going to be more FF books after this?

No official word on that yet. Bear in mind that the Fantastic Four is one of Marvel's most popular titles, and this era of Lee/Kirby FF is the among the most revered runs in all comics history. Certainly, if this book is a landslide sales success, and both fans and retailers are happy, we may see followups. But until any word on the subject comes out of Marvel's lips, it is conjecture to say that there will be more of these Omnibus books, either FF or any other title.

And now, a little background on the announcement of this book and the attendant controversy that followed.

On March 13, Marvel's Director of Sales David Gabriel gave this website a special announcement on a new project they've put together called the Fantastic Four Omnibus. Given a few days before the official solicit copy hit, it generated quite a firestorm of discussion. Here is the text of what Gabriel had to say:

848 Page FF Omnibus HC on the way!

"Think of this as an oversized Masterwork volume containing everything from the first three volumes of FF Masterworks, including the letters pages from all those issues. The price will be $100 and on sale at the end of June. It'll be sold with either a Jack Kirby cover, or a special Alex Ross cover. If you have any interest, you should preorder this one, it will only be printed in limited quantities."

Following Mr. Gabriel's post, a seeming wildfire started, with some Masterworks fans speaking out against the book, and some fans defending the merit of the book and Marvel's reasons for publishing it, and a great many in the middle, wondering what were the details going to be on this book before it is published. If you would like to read the 15-page thread, please click on THIS LINK. Wear your flame retardant suit and get ready to pick a side (there's three, maybe four of them!)

Another new thread has been started, which is attempting to refine the focus of discussion down to the Omnibus alone, and you can participate by clicking on THIS LINK.

And, finally, a thread has been started which encourages discussion about the overall future of Masterworks should books that have been "Remasterworked" in 2003/2004 have to go back to press. It asks fans of the Masterworks to weigh in on the question of new restoration and upgrades in future editions. It's a subject worth discussing, and I'm sure Marvel would value your input. You can access the thread by clicking on THIS LINK.

I will update this Omnibus-dedicated page every time there is new information to add. Thanks for your support of my website, and I hope it has become an invaluable resource for you!

All cover images are courtesy of the Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Gallery.

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