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Marvel Masterworks: U.S.A. Comics Vol. 1

Reprints: U.S.A. Comics #1-4

(Vol. 76 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

First Print
Release Date: March 28, 2007

REGULAR ED. ISBN: 0-7851-2478-0 • List Price: $59.99
VARIANT ED. ISBN: 0-7851-2479-9 • List Price: $59.99

280 Pages

By Stan Lee, Basil Wolverton, George Klein, Syd Shores, Mike Surchorsky, Ed Winiarski and more

Foreword by Dr. Michael J. "Doc" Vassallo

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TALES OF WONDER: REG: $41.99 • VAR: $41.99

Marvel proudly presents more Golden Age goodness, collecting issues #1-4 of USA COMICS from 1941. The Defender! Major Liberty! Rockman! Rusty! The original Young Avenger! The origins of the Whizzer, Jack Frost and the Vagabond! Captain Terror turns back a deadly Nazi undersea invasion! Stan “The Man” himself chronicles the historic first meeting of the USA heroes! This hardcover collection remasters and restores these early adventures, some reprinted for the very first time!

Collecting USA Comics #1-4.

(from official Marvel solicit)


• The Defender by Al Avison, Al Gabriele, George Klein & Joe Simon

• The Whizzer by Al Avison, Al Gabriele & Howard James

• Mr. Liberty by Phil Sturm, Syd Shores & George Klein

• Rockman by Basil Wolverton, Stan Lee & Charles Nicholas

• Young Avenger by Howard Purcell

• Jack Frost by Stan Lee, Charles Nicholas, Frank Giacoia, Carmine Infantino, Pierce Rice & Louis Cazenueve

• Captain Terror by Mike Suchorsky

• Major Liberty by Syd Shores & George Klein

• Vagabond by Ed Winiarski

• Covers by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

....and more!

Thanks to Doc Vassallo for researching and collating the story credits for this volume!

Issues Reprinted
USA Comics #1-4


USA #1

USA #2

USA #3

USA #4


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