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Transcript of Online Chat
with Marvel's Managing Editor, David Gabriel
11-23 to 12-7-2005

Marvel's Director of Sales David Gabriel once again opened the floodgates at the Marvel Forums. Starting Thanksgiving holiday, he frequented the board over a period of a couple weeks and took questions from fans of Marvel Comics and collected editions, and bow howdy there were a million of 'em! Thanks to Justin Fairfax for helping to gather up all the questions, and thank to YOU- the Marvel Maniac that you are- for being there to ask your questions in your own special way! Here they are, in pretty much sequential order.

Q: How many Spider-Woman issues are in the Essential? I've been a little confused.

A: No problem, it was solicited incorrectly. I believe it is issues 1-15, and her appearances in Marvel Spotlight and Marvel Two in One...comes to about 20 comics total. I think the solicit said issues 1-25 but that was way too big.

Q: According to Joe Q, JLA/Avengers reprint rights belong to DC. If that's the case, do you know if there are any plans to do a non-slipcased edition that is cheaper on the wallet?

A: No idea, that's a DC call.

Q: Why the price disparities between Marvel trades? Some 6 issue trades are priced at $14.99 while other 5 issue ones go for the same price, etc. Who decides on Marvel's trade pricing policy?

A: I do and it all depends on whether the books were ongoing, what the price of the books was, the length of the issues, there's no one policy. Classic trades are set at different prices because there are different costs associated with them.

Q: I noticed that both Roy Thomas and Jack Kirby's Visionaries are to be priced at $34.99. Is this going to be permanent on all oversized hardcovers from now on?

A: Just the Visionaries, they are more costly to produce.

Q: Why can DC sell some of its trades for ridiculously low prices (see Under The Hood- 7 issues for $9.99 and the Teen Titans collections - all going for 9.99 for up to 11 issues)?

A: Ask DC. Q: Any plans to collect Longshot in a new printing? What about the Saga of the Alien Costume? And Scott Morse's Elektra limited series?

A: I'll say Yes to one of those...

Q: Can you tell us yet what Marvel Masterworks Vol. 60 will be?

A: I honestly don't know...when we were not doing many, it was so easy to remember, now that we are doing them regularly, I cannot remember...I'd like to say Invaders...but it isn't.

Q: Can you share any goodies from the Ultimate universe, maybe upcoming characters? Or major events?

A: Read Ultimate Vision now.

Q: Any chance for Spider-Man 2099 to be reprinted with all this (Peter David) reprinting going on?

A: Spider-Man 2099 #2 will appear in the next Spider-Man Family, nothing beyond that right now.

Q: Untold Tales of Spider-Man, a possible trade or digest?

A: Yes, wait and see.

Q: Is there a chance we can see the (House of M) event appearing in HC format. Maybe in a couple HC's for the whole thing?

A: I won't say there is no chance, but it is not on the schedule for 2006 so it would be a while if we do it. We'll see how the trades do first.

Q: Is there a firm policy for no 1970s Volume 1 Masterwork for the next two years? Or is anything possible?

A: Anything is possible...no firm policy for or against anything with regards to the Masterworks or classic collections. They just need to make sense.

Q: What sort of demand will it take for Marvel to continue with these books, meaning such books as Journey Into Mystery, Strange Tales, Tales of Suspense, Amazing Adult Fantasy?

A: As long as the sales are there, and we have the resources to do them, we plan to continue...we have lots to cover. It won't come all at once, but little by little.

Q: Any chance of a Sons of the Tiger/White Tiger collection from Deadly Hands of Kung Fu?

A: No plans for any collections yet...but there are some plans for the White Tiger...

Q: The new Bendis one?

A: Pass...but this is not a Bendis project so I don't want to lead you astray...I just don't know if there is a connection.

Q: I have noticed that there has been no official image of the Golden Age All-Winners Masterworks released yet, even though it is due in only a month from now. Do you know whether this will be released soon?

A: It was in the Marvel Previews. I am sure Gormuu has it posted somewhere...

Q: Any word on the Master of Kung Fu license and/or trades?

A: No plans.

Q: How are the Dollar Digests going? Where can people go buy them?

A: They did okay. Many comic retailers have them, and I just offered up display units with books in them for sale for comic retailers, so you may see another little wave of them hit stores. No plans to make any more than the first 6....plus, I prefer the color digests like Scorpion, Spellbinders and Mary Jane....

Q: Will Marvel consider going for cheaper quality paper to lower the prices of your trades?

A: No, cheaper is cheap.

Q: What are the chances of a Roger Stern Avengers or Spidey Visionaries? I am not referring to piecemeal stories like Black Cat or Kang, but something along the lines of Byrne's Fantastic Four collections.

A: Not a bad idea.

Q: Speaking of Byrne, are you planning on collecting his Fantastic Four run right up till his last issue? What about the Last Galactus Story from Epic Illustrated?

A: Yes, and no plans that I know of for the Last Galactus Story to appear in any collection.

Q: Any plans to complete Walter Simonson's Thor collection?

A: Not at the present, Thor's dead.

Q: Referring to the question about JLA/Avengers....You mean that Marvel does not have any say on how it gets collected?

A: Correct.

Q: How about a Humour Collection with Not Brand Echh and the 4 issue What Th' from the early 90s?

A: No plans, I am not convinced that it would sell that well, sorry.

Q: Is there any chance of a Wally Wood Visionaries?

A: Maybe for you.

Q: What kind of sales did Essential Defenders 1 have?

A: There will be another at some point.

Q: Any chance of a Frank Miller Daredevil oversized hardcover series, either in Omnibus format or the normal oversized format?

A: No plans at the moment, sorry. But it's never out of the question.

Q: Stoker's Dracula was fun and the format was great. Any plans of seeing more reprints (either B&W or color) in a similar format (but without the pain in butt gutter)?

A: No reprints for now, but you will see that format again, or something similar...but that's all I can say for now.

Q: Did you get hit by a M+M balloon?

A: No M & M balloon hit me...that's terrible.

Q: Will you tell us what happened with Maximum FF?

A: It was published, and designed by an outside design team.

Q: Will there be plans to do another project like this?

A: No other projects like it in the works...but I did like the idea of Minimum FF...

Q: What can you tell us about the softcover Masterworks program?

A: Pass on softcover Masterworks questions, but no further volumes coming.

Q: What collections would you like to see?

A: That's not really fair...but:

more Peter David
Marvel Annuals
Skull the Slayer
Fallen Angels

Q: Have you given thought to Atlas Era trades to collect those important shorter-run series that fall short of enough for a Masterworks collection, such as Black Knight and Yellow Claw?

A: Actually we have not. 2006 is already full. So maybe 2007.

Q: Not Brand Echh did well on the Masterworks Survey. Will Marvel accede to demand and offer a Masterwork?

A: No, sorry.

Q: Are there plans to negotiate to reprint some other licensed properties like 2001, Kull The Conqueror and Rom?

A: No, just Godzilla right now.

Q: Any plans for more Kurt Busiek Avengers HCs?

A: Volume 3 should be out in early 2006.

Q: It would definitely be interesting to TPB some of the big annual crossovers like Atlantis Attacks.

A: True, we'll see how Galactic Storm does.

Q: Since you're bringing back the old Handbooks in Essential form, have you considered issuing the old Olshevsky Official Marvel Indexes in either Essential or trade form?

A: The only way I would do those would be if we expanded on them through current day...I don't see that happening for a while.

Q: Were there any Masterworks in 2005 that didn't sell well enough and consequently this was considered as reason enough not to offer an additional volume for 2006?

A: Nope..they've all sold just fine.

Q: Any chance Marvel is going to release a higher end, slipcased hardcover line similiar to the Absolute line?

A: No to the slipcased book. I prefer when we are copied.

Q: Any chance that Roger Stern's original Hobgoblin arc will be collected in a tpb? What about the classic Doc Ock vs. Owl War with Black Cat from Spectacular Spider-Man 73-79?

A: There's always a chance that something will be collected. We'll eventually get to everything. No plans yet.

Q: Any plans to reissue Thor Masterworks 2 in the near future?

A: No plans yet for any reissues.

Q: When we will get a John Buscema, Gene Colan and Gil Kane Visionaries?

A: 2006 may be the year of the Visionaries...I should also add that I would love to collect the Marvel Tarzan run in oversized HCs....

Q: Any hints on the next Golden Age Masterwork to be announced?

A: A number two...

Q: Are any older Spider-man stories planned for future trades?

A: No Spider-Man trades planned for the first half of the year...there may not be any for the whole year. We might want to save up for 2007...

Q: Are Marvel Premiere Editions here to stay, or is the line still possibly under review?

A: Premiere editions are doing very well and are here to stay. They will be more in 2006, possibly from books that you might not expect.

Q: You hinted at a (reprint of) the Buscema FF Gabriel story awhile back ... more info please.

A: Pass on the Gabriel thing...because I don't remember.

Q: What are the chances for a Warlock Masterworks by mid 2007?

A: Yeah, Warlock will be somewhere...

Q: The original, Western Ghost Rider. Marvel published 7 of them in the 60's by "Darlin" Dick Ayers, but he also drew 14 issues of the Ghost Rider for Magazine Enterprises in the 50's. Does Marvel have the rights to reprint those ME issues? Are there any thoughts of reprinting any of the issues, 50's or 60's?

A: No plans that I can think of right now for the western Ghost Rider..but we are doing a Western month, and there is a Ghost Rider movie...

Q: Have you considered a Buscema FF Visionaries TPB series as per the Byrne and Perez?

A: Not yet.

Q: It seems like folks are chomping at the bit for the old Tales To Astonish/Tales Of Suspense monster/horror books. Is Marvel prepared to give us what we want?

A: Sorry, only one Atlas book scheduled so far for next year...and no 70's horror Masterworks planned.

Q: Any plans to release more classic '70s material in oversize HC a la The Eternals?

A: Yikes, we haven't even seen how that one does yet...but I am all for Tarzan...

Q: When will Sub-Mariner get a new series?

A: Not even any talk of one.

Q: Has there been given thought to a book collection of Marvel merchandising and non-story material produced for fans (The MMMS, Marvelmania, FOOM, Wild Agents Of Marvel)--such as posters, prints, portfolios, stationery featuring Marvel characters?

A: That would be a good product to license out. That's hard for us to do in house.

Q: What Maneely book(s) do you or Marvel think will have the best shot at being Masterworked first (Black Knight, Dippy Duck)?

A: No plans for any of the above...

Q: Is there a chance of some sort of either variant or incentive covers showing up on TPB's someday? Or is the difference between MPE's and regular TPB's about as far as you want to go?

A: There will actually be two versions of the Ultimate Iron Man MPE dustcover.

Q: Can you tell us anything about what Roy Thomas and Stan Lee are planning as regards to their planned Marvel book projects?

A: Pass.

Q: I'm loving the DVD's that Marvel is having put out of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers, but I was wondering if there was any way for you to mention to whoever you can that many of us would prefer if the DVD's were put out featuring every title that Marvel put out in specific year?

A: Sorry, we have nothing to do with those.

Q: I'd like to see Marvel resurrect the Marvel Milestone Series of fascimile reprints, complete with the original advertising and other non-comics matter.

A: No plans for those types of Milestones, but we are giving the current Milestones a bit of a facelift in 2006.

Q: Will we be getting FF Vol. 10 (masterworks) in 2006?

A: Wait and see for FF 10.

Q: Would there be any consideration to a fascimile reprint (ads and all) of Millie The Model Annual #1 from 1962--Marvel's very FIRST Annual?

A: The Millie fascimile sounds like a nice idea.

Q: Is there something you are dying to tell us but we are just asking the wrong questions?

A: I've got no secrets.

Q: Is there any truth to the rumor that a SHIELD Masterworks is being held back until Brian Bendis starts his new Nick Fury series (with or without Steranko)?

A: No.

What do you think of the Marvel DVDs full of comics?

A: Pass.

Q: How well did Doc Strange Vol 2 do? Any chance of volume three in 2006 or 2007?

A: There will be a volume 3, 4, 5 etc etc.

Q: What determines the number of issues that are collected in one Masterworks edition?

A: I think we generally look at page count, story breaks, and the overall cost of producing the book, same with Essentials and Visionaries.

Q: Any chance Masterworks might go to a sewn as opposed a glue binding?

A: Not that I have heard.

Q: Any chance Spidey will go on a fast track to catch up to FF?

A: Not in 2006.

Q: When is the Rawhide Kid Masterwork coming out?

A: Summer 2006.

Q: Are there plans to market new or extra editions of Masterworks to time with the releases of upcoming films (Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Spidey 3, etc.)?

A: The Omnibus will do that for classic material, and the Ultimate collections will do that for the Ultimate line.

Q: Heard anything about a redo of GA Marvel Comics 1 with upgraded restoration techniques?

A: Not in the near future.

Q: Any talk of Bronze Age Masterworks coming?

A: Not right now.

Q: Has Steve Ditko retired from comics? Has Marvel been able to persuade him to do a new project? Have you ever met with him, David?

A: He is retired. I've never met him, but I did receive a letter once from him...it was about 8 pages long and at the end in large letters he wrote that the letter was "NEVER TO BE PUBLISHED!" It was handwritten on that old fashioned onion skinned typewriter paper...us old folks surely remember that. The only part of the 8 pages that I understand was the part I printed above...

Q: Might the Romita Sr. Visionaries book get a second printing with the correct aspect ratio on all the artwork?

A: No plans to reprint that book.

Q: Would Marvel ever consider including in the binding of a Masterwork a built-in bookmark--a thin ribbon or some such thing?

A: We did that in Stoker's Dracula...surely you bought that?

Q: Will we be seeing hardcovers of the Universe X and Paradise X series?

A: No.

Q: Some titles with "low sales" get cancelled due to "low sales". But other titles with similar sales get saved due to "critical acclaim" or something like that. Who actually makes the decisions about when "low" is too low, and how much acclaim is enough? Do Joe Quesada and Dan Buckley fight it out? Or does some guy with a calculator make a decision and say "that's final"?

A: Many of us do that, a lot is taken into account besides just "low sales" that was a different era...

Q: Is there a common cause of the recent delayed shipments to make original street dates for Masterworks (Doc Strange and Torch in particular)?

A: The printer was the cause of the delay on the Masterworks, then the hurricane in the South was the cause of another one.

Since you mention a Tarzan collection, is this even possible? I was under the impression that Dark Horse had the comic rights to ERB work. If it is possible, would you consider John Carter as well?

A: I have no idea if it is possible, I can dream too can't I?

Q: Is there any chance of a STEVE ENGLEHART VISIONARIES?

A: No Englehart Visionaries.

Q: What are your thoughts about "fast tracking" certain major titles that are several years behind where FF and Spidey sit (Iron Man, amongs others, springs to mind...)?

A: We look to see what is going on in the Marvel Universe first before we just put out a volume...so we really don't have plans to fast track. Really, what's the rush?

Q: The current Doom mini seems to be prime territory for a Premiere Edition. Can we expect any sort of hardcover collection?

A: It is pretty excellent isn't it...that's all I will say.

Q: Will we see "Avengers Disassembled" in hardcover reasonably soon?

A: No plans for Avengers Disassembled HC anytime soon, sorry.

Q: Are there any plans to put together a book that collects the first few years of the Spider-Man newspaper strip?

A: No plans for the Spider-Man strips next year, sorry.

Q: Can you share any plans for future Omnibi after X-Men?

A: The only one planned is Alias...it's a go...in March...

Q: Has the 2006 Essentials and Masterworks schedule been decided? Or is there any fluidity left in choices for 2006?

A: Pretty much all locked up....I just went through the entire 2006 schedule and we have to cut books out...but there's always 2007.

Q: Does the Collections department get a bucket of money each year and then just sloshes it around? Or does it come down to more in the form of we want x number of hardbacks and x number of softcovers every month?

A: The latter. We have consumers who buy Masterworks, others who by Essentials, others who buy the Ultimate line, some buy only HC, some by digests, so we really need to balance all these (oh and some buy only the clasic trades) Jeff and I do this on a month to month basis, once the entire year is laid out.

Q: I just want to know if there are any plans in the near future to collect New Mutants vol. 2 #s 7-13 (between New Mutants: Back to School and New X-Men Academy X vol. 1), or Uncanny X-Men #s 400-409 (between the Poptopia and Hope trades). I hate gaps!

A: No plans right now, but we are not against it, just don't have the room in the schedule.

Q: The Masterworks survey showed significant interest in the TTA volume and in Atlas monsters in general. Do the preorder numbers look good for TTA and does this bode well for additional TTA and/or Atlas-era volumes?

A: No worries about more Atlas era books, the preorders are right in line with all the others, and reorders continue to be even stronger on these books.

Q: Any other limited licensed collections we should be on the lookout for?

A: Not in 2006, sorry.

Q: Will Marvel reissue the Onslaught trades in a nice, thick trade (or 2) like Age of Apocalypse?

A: No plans in the near future for an Onslaught trade...but you never know...it is the anniversary isn't it...

Q: What are the chances for an Adventure Into Fear/Morbius collection?

A: No Morbius/Adv into Fear Essential next year, but Morbius returns as a back up feature in Amazing Fantasy.

Q: With the Golden Age Masterworks; Will we see more vol.1s in 2006, or are you planning to just build on the 5 lines you’ve already started?

A: I think 2006 Golden Age Masterworks will all be volume 2's.

Q: Any chance we'll see a Nick Fury: Agent of Shield Masterwork this year?

A: No plans at the moment for Nick Fury Agent of Shield Masterworks...but we are not against it.

Q: I'm dying for an Invaders trade or Essential.

A: They'll be an Invaders trade before an Essential, but no plans for either yet....

Q: Any chance of an Essential Werewolf By Night 2?

A: Always a chance.

Q: When is Essential Tales of the Zombie coming out?

A: Sometime in 2006.

Q: Any chance for an Essential Morbius?

A: Not in 2006.

Q: What about Vampire Tales and Haunt of Horror? (Lilith, Blade, Gabriel, Satana, etc) You could call it Essential Marvel Preview, since many of these characters were featured there first, before moving on to Tales, Haunt, Creatures, etc...

A: There will be an Essential 70's Horror...but I'll make you wait months before you find out what is in it...

Q: Any talk about Visionaries hardcovers post-Kirby volume 2?

A: Visionaries HC will continue through 2006.

Q: Just to be clear on Fury: No chance in '06 since I think you said the schedule was pretty set or was that just the Essential schedule?

A: I don't think there'll be any other Fury Masterwork or Essential besides the one in March...Sgt Fury.

Q: Any chance that you'll skip ahead (ahead of straight GA chronology at least) to do a 50s revival CA/Torch/Subby book in the Timely line?

A: We've spoken about the 50's revivals, but decided that we have enough to concentrate on now that we'll leave those to the future.

Q: Is a John Byrne Alpha Flight tpb (or even better hc, one of those nice oversized 12-15 issue ones you guys have been cranking out) a realistic possibility?

A: No Alpha Flight in the works.

Q: Any thought of distributing Masterworks to more commercial outlets (Barnes & Nobles, malls, etc.) for the holidays?

A: Masterworks are for the comic shops for the foreseeable future.

Q: Is there any chance something can be added to Ultimate FF Vol. 2 HC (if tentative listings of #13-20 and the Annual are correct)? Perhaps Fantastic Four: 1234, illustrated by 19-20's and the Annual's Jae Lee and not collected in hardcover, or the Ultimate X-Men/Ultimate FF crossover, written by 19-20's Mike Carey?

A: We have not solicited that for the direct market yet. So nothing definite.

Q: Did George Perez Fantastic Four Visionaries sell well enough to warrant a volume 2? You have to have something when the FF movie sequel comes out. There's going to be a sequel, right?

A: I know I want more.

Q: Any Masterworks with mostly Kirby work coming in 2006?

A: Yes.

Q: Any plans for Howard the Duck in 2006? Essential Volume 2 or any other stories that you know of?

A: I think the next time we ever do Howard it will be the start of a Masterworks run.

Q: What's your favorite movie of all time?

A: Gone With the Wind.

Q: What are your favorite animated cartoons?

A: Far too many, Animaniacs, Spider-Woman, FF with Herbie, Josie and the Pussycats and many more...I love that you can get so many on DVD of course none of my favorites yet.

Q: Any super surprises in oversized editions in 2006?

A: I don't think so...but you never know what we'll come up with next.

Q: I was wondering if there was a chance of an Essential Classic Wolverine (or Essential Wolverine Volume 0) that would include the Marvel Comics Presents, the Marvel Treasury Hercules story, the Miller mini-series, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine, etc.?

A: No Essential Classic Wolverine, we are running trades of Classic Wolverine and MCP, we have the Best of Wolverine HC and maybe more treats in store in 2007.

Q: What are the chances of an Oversized Tales of Asgard?

A: Sorry folks, but I don't think there will be a supersized or small sized Tales of Asgard...

Q: I would be interested in knowing what your training regimen consisted of. Are you doing aerobic or anaerobic workouts - perhaps a combination of the two? What's your favourite piece of exercise equipment; the treadmill, free weights, or something else?

A: It's all cardio, I try to do at least a half hour every day, sometimes an hour. If I do the bike, I read trades...just read Wolverine Enemy of the State and Shanna..If I do the eliptical I watch soaps...keeps my mind off the pain...

Q: I wondered about the Timely (Atlas) revival of Cap, Torch, and Subby. I realize that this hasn't been decided in all probability, but how do/will you go about deciding when/if to issue these as Masterworks?

A: So far have no plans to expand the masterworks line...we just did for 2006 and I think we have more than enough to keep Cory and Mark plenty busy. sorry.

Q: She Hulk (Previous run)... Oversized HC? Current She Hulk... Marvel Premier Edition?

A: No She Hulk HC planned of any sort, sorry.

Q: Will the JMS Fantastic Four run continue the Fantastic Four HCs?

A: More FF HCs, but no plans yet for Oversized of JMS...

Q: Will the two Karl Kesel fill-in issues be reprinted?

A: Not sure about the Kesel being reprinted.

Q: Will Luke and Laura ever get back together?

A: Genie Francis asked to come back to GH and they turned her down...wrong move on their part...maybe they'll change their minds though.

Q: I enjoyed the Stoker's Dracula HC, and wondered if there would be any more plans to release any more black and white stories in this format..?

A: Look for something based on Edgar Allan Poe stories...starting very soon....

Q: Any chance of anything involving Howard the Duck reprints in the not-so-distant future?

A: Nothing with Howard on the horizon.

Q: Could you tell us if we'll get more than one vol. 1 GA Masterwork in 2006?

A: No GA #1's planned for next year.

Q: So if the Alias Omnibus is a go, has it been decided just how much it's going to cost me?

A: The Alias Omnibus will be a mere $69.99 and contain over 700 pages of story with lots of extras.

Q: Are there going to be more Excalibur Classic trades anytime soon?

A: There are more Excalibur classics next year.

Q: Super-Sized Tales of Asgard is a bit of a running gag but why dismiss it out of hand? Given the interest in material like LoTR and Tales of Narnia, it would seem like a no-brainer. And the Thor relaunch is on the horizon.

A: There's no Thor relaunch on the horizon. And it's not just been dismissed, we've talked about it at length...no plans.

Q: Any plans for Roger Stern reprints of Spidey?

A: There's a Spider-Man/Silver Sable book coming up, I think some of those were his? Someone help me there...

Q: Has the Runaways HC been successful?

A: Runaways HC just went into a second printing, it did very well.

Q: Spider-Girl will reach #100 next year! Will there be any kind of celebration?

A: I'll be having a party for Mayday...more digests are set for 2006...another MC2 limited, and other MC2 digests in the works....how's that?

Q: What are the chances of a Shogun Warriors collection?

A: Slim right now.

Q: Will Marvel reissue Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers Vol. 2: Red Zone?

A: Not in the near future.

Q: Any chance for an Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 2?

A: Yes.

Q: What are the criteria for deciding what format a collection gets (i.e. Masterworks, Essential, Oversized Hardcover, Digest, standard trade)?

A: Age of the material, ratings of the material, guesswork, cost to reproduce, and more guesswork, consumer interest.

Q: If a title sells extremely well in a lesser format (i.e. Essentials), will Marvel then consider collecting the same title in a nicer format (i.e. Masterworks, Oversized Hardcover, etc.)?

A: Not related.

Q: Any chance of Alpha Flight (Vol. 1) getting collected in trade?

A: Not any time soon, sorry.

Q: Any chance of ...Essential Champions?...Essential She-Hulk?...Essential westerns?

A: Champions and Invaders are my favorites.

Q: Is there any chance we will see any Dazzler reprints from the 80s?

A: There is a chance of Dazzler...no Essential though, sorry.

Q: Are there any plans to reprint the Legion Of Monsters story by Bill Mantlo and Frank Robbins from Marvel Premiere #28? Maybe for next Halloween's Marvel Milestones?

A: Yes.

Q: Are there any plans for more Classic Ghost Rider collections around the time the movie comes out?

A: Yes.

Q: Any plans for Essential Marvel Age/Marvel Vision?

A: No.

Q: Are the Atlas and GA age Masterworks more difficult to make than the Silver Age Masterworks due to the lack of original source material?

A: That's more for Cory or Mark, but any Masterwork where we don't have the original source material is harder...if that helps.

Q: Will we see "Marvel Team-Up" Masterworked in the next year or two?

A: LOL, Marvel Age Spider-Man might beat it...

Q: What Captain America TPBs can we expect in 2006?

A: Winter Soldier vol. 1 and 2...


Q: which Marvel essentials won't be released in 2006?

A: Invaders and Champions...

Q: Any plans for an Essential Avengers West Coast in '06?

A: None at present, but wouldn't a new series be fun?

Q: Will the first SHE-HULK collection from the new series contain any of the reprints from issue #3/100?

A: probably not

Q: I think you may have been asked this question before, but... will the YOUNG AVENGERS SPECIAL be collected at one point?

A: it's possible, but I couldn't tell you when...sorry

Q: Will Spider-Man:The Other be done as a hardcover or as two seperate trades? Or both?

A: One oversized HC first.

Q: And will we see the completion of Operation:galactic storm and Age of Apocolypse this year or next? I know the first and third volumes of these series are out this year.

A: most likely 2006, but the last volumes could push into 2007.

Q: Any idea(even rough)of the contents for Avengers Assemble HC vol.3?

A: sorry, can't think of that right now...

Q: Any chance of an Inhumans reprint collection i.e. 1960's-70s Amazing Adventures, Thor back-ups, crossovers, 1970s series, etc, etc?

A: No plans, but I am not against it...

Q: Are there plans for an Uncanny X-Men MW vol. 6? In 2006? I'm asking this so I know whether it's safe to purge my Essentials v2. (Seriously!)

A: Don't purge just yet...but I think one is in the works...

Q: Also, are reprints of titles like ROM, Micronauts, and Shogun Warriors primarily a matter of licensing issues, or are these dooomed to never see the light of day because of general lack of interest (outside anyone besides geek like me who bought these mags every month when we were kids).

A: We're testing Godzilla and we'll see how it does...consider nothing doomed...except the obvious Books of Doom

Q: David, what happened with The Ultimate Guide to The Avengers letting the cat out of the bag early with respect to Ronin's identity before New Avengers #13 was released? I take it Mr. Bendis wasn't too thrilled?

A: Probably not. All I will say was that I was pleased that no one made HUGE postings of it all over the internet to spoil it for others.

Q: How about a collection of Jack Kirby complete issues (in pencil) of FF and Thor?

A: I don't think so, sorry.

Q: Any hints on what Visionaries we'll see in 2006? Steranko maybe?

A: Roy and Thomas...that's two hints...

Q: Have you entertained the thought of an Essential Marvel Saga, or an Essential X-Men Mini-Series. With the X-Men book reprinting series like the first Wolverine Mini, the Iceman Mini, the Kitty Pride and Logan Mini, etc...

A: It's a good idea, it might make good trades or HC...

Q: Any plans for Ms. Marvel? I would prefer Masterworks, but that's negotiable.

A: New ongoing series, with a Giant Size issue before that with select reprints.

Q: Lastly, is there any urgency on reprinting GA material before that demographic falls by the wayside.

A: No, but I eat right and exercise to make sure that I am around to get them all...

Q: Second, the horror genre has been explored using the Essential series (Tomb of Dracula, etc.). Is there any chance IN THE NEAR FUTURE for other genres (war - think Sgt. Fury or Western - think Two-Gun Kid, Kid Colt Outlaw, or Rawhide Kid)?

A: Not in the near future...but we do have Western month planned for June 2006 that will include a Rawhide Kid Masterworks...who knows it could start something bigger...

Q: It's a while off yet, but concerning the Spider-Girl digests, is there a chance that Spider-Girl #51 could be reprinted "early"? It was an inventory story y'see, and took place earlier in the continuity of the series (before MJ's pregnancy). By my reckoning it seems that the best gap for it would be after Spider-Girl #35 and before Spider-Girl #36. Reprinting it in the order it was originally released in monthly comic form would disrupt the flow of the ongoing story (May quit being Spider-Girl in #50 and returned to the identity in #52). Spider-Girl #51 is an important story nonetheless though, as the villain of the issue makes a return in the fantastic Spider-Girl #81.

A: It will probably be reprinted in the order of the series....sorry. But we do have more Spider-Girl coming up in 2006...and more SPider-Man Family!

Q: Just a chance for david to do a little self promotion,off the top of your head what books should we be checking out this week?

A: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3
Son of M 1 (this is next week, but do NOT miss it)
Generation M 1
Marvel Zombies (yes)
New Excalibur #2
What if Classic vol 2
All the Captain Universe 1 shots
What If Captain America
Spider-girl 93
and Sentinel #2

Q: Non-work question, do you listen to any of the comic (or other ones for that matter) podcasts such as Fanboy Radio, Crankcast, Comic Geek Speak....etc...

A: I don't listen to any of the podcasts, the only one I am familiar with is fanboy radio. Marvel has just started up our own monthly podcasts. The second one will be tomorrow with Warren Ellis and our own Gormuu will be on the call as well as me...so maybe you'll get to hear one of the two of us.

Q: Any plans to use any characters in the Marvel Milestones thread in upcoming issues?

A: pass

Q: Are the trades of Untold tales of Spider-man a definite?

A: Untold Tales of Spider-Man trades will debut next year.

Q: You've mentioned previously that Visionaries will continue throughout 2006. We know of a couple already...can you comment on the chances of seeing a John Buscema Visionaries by year's end, or failing that, in 2007 if they continue to sell?

A: There's a good chance of Buscema happening next year.

Q: Is Marvel looking at HC material for these gems of the 70's? I know the Eternals is coming out soon, but is there anything else on the horizon, say 2007?

A: that's too far off...

Q: Also, I was devastated by your new about the Champions. Black Widow, Hercules, Angel, Ghost Rider....how can that dream line up go wrong? (I own them all.)

A: what news?

Q: It also warms my heart to know I'm not the only person who tries to eat right: Tofu, soy drinks, fresh fruit, no red meat, no junk food. Now if I can just get off my butt and exercise.

A: I exercise so I can eat junk...

Q: Re: Untold Tales of Spider-Man....Full sized or digest?

A: Full-sized.

Q: Will the Uncanny X-men Omnibus have a variant cover like the FF Omnibus had?

A: It will have a variant painted cover....brand new.

Q: Could you consider including Spectacular Spider-man #28 (I believe it was 28) in the next Best of Spider-man HC? A standalone, poignant tale by Paul Jenkins and Mark Buckingham that sent off the series would be more than welcome, especially with only ten issues of Amazing.

A: I don't think there is a chance of this happening, sorry.

Q: Anychance for classic Hulk stories to be traded?Say stuff from Lein Wein or Bill Mantlo.

A: We just talked about a Giant Size Hulk today that might have some....

Q: Will Spider-man Revelations/the Clone saga one and Spider-Man the Origin of the Hobgoblin ever be back in print?

A: Sure! you just might have to wait a bit...

Q: What haven't we asked you about that you'd love to spill the beans about?

A: I am busting about something...but you have to wait until after the Warren Ellis call tomorrow...it should be all over the net. Short story..

I skipped two years of collecting comics in about 84-86...two major things got me back into collecting while I was in college...the other guys are doing a nice job bringing one of those things back....and now we'll be doing the same...if that's a hint.

Q: Is more Steve Englehart Captain America on the way? Or any classic Captain America vs Red Skull stories?

A: The Secret Empire is out in a few weeks...does that fit?

Q: How long a wait for that Hobgoblin trade.

A: keep waiting...

Q: Numerous times you've expressed your love of both Champions and Invaders (good taste), yet you also keep writing that we won't get reprints of either this year. Why? If you love 'em and you're the man, what's stopping this worthy, deserving, necessary, important project?

A: you haven't read closely enough...I said no Essentials

Q: On behalf of several board members (not myself, of course). Will we see an uncensored Shanna HC? If so will it be Oversized? I mean the book now.

A: I really don't know.

Q: Will there be a volume 2 of Spider-Man vs Black Cat?

A: Possibly, no plans right now though

Q: Have thought been given to Essentials of genres, such as Essential Mighty Marvel Western, Essential Marvel Romance, or Essential Marvel Humor? How about a Giant-Size Where Monsters Dwell, where you can reprint a few later Kirby and Ditko monster stories that the Atlas Era Masterworks won't get to for years? I think an Ant-Man Digest would be appropriate (Mini-Size Ant-Man?)!

A: Justin I think you need to sleep.... just kidding (but no to all your questions)

Q: Any chance of the Starlin Warlock run being collected? I see that the Starlin Thanos Silver Surfer to Infinity War will be ...

A: There'll be more Starlin at some point...

Q: Would Marvel consider doing original graphic novels again?

A: Not at present

Q: Any advances in the long-awaited Daredevil/David Mack hardcover collecting "Wake Up," Brian Bendis' first Daredevil story with Mack illustrating, and "Echo: Vision Quest" the follow-up to the Echo character?

A: No plans for the DD HC

Q: How does it feel to live the Marvel reprint dream?

A: You know what happened to the boy who got everything he always wanted right?

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