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Transcript of Online Chat
with Marvel's Managing Editor, David Gabriel
1-22 to 1-24-2005

For those busy complaining about the weather causing havoc over most of the US on this weekend, at least one good thing happened! While Marvel's Director of Sales was snowbound, he figured he'd come to the Marvel Masterworks Message Board and shoot the breeze with other Marvel Maniacs. One person's icy doom is our personal gain, and David gave a lot of concrete information and vague speculations about Marvel projects dear to our ever-lovin' hearts, like Masterworks and Essentials. Just the way we like it! Who says this isn't the age of Marvel Mania?

Q: How is GA Captain America shaping up? It's due in March and many fans are really anxious to see how it turns out. Have you seen any of the pages being turned in?

A: Great question...

The pages look amazing. I saw a few the other day, plus I think the new process was used for an old Stan Lee Red Skull story that went into the Stan Lee Visionaries. The first Captain America story is going to be seen first in Marvel Milestones so fans can get a preview of that along with some other fun stuff.

I hate to say this now, but these new masterworks are going to blow people away. Not only because some of this stuff has never been reprinted, but also because it looks so fantastic. I think you all will be glad we regrouped on these.

Q: Is the Supreme Power HC going to reprint issues #1-12 or #1-13?

A: it contains all the stories that are in vols 1 and 2 which I think end at issue 12.

Q: Can you share the updated schedule for the Golden Age Sub-Mariner and Golden Age Human Torch Masterworks yet, or are they still in a state of flux?

A: Looks like Sub Mariner is coming out in June and Torch in September...surprise volume in Nov-Dec.

Q: What are the odds of a Hardcover reprinting the New Avengers series that currently seems to be selling like hotcakes? (while I'm asking, any chace of a Dissassembled HC?)

A: odds look good for both...but stay tuned for details of a new HC format for New avengers and Wolverine Enemy of the State.

Q: I noticed that the font size on the spine of Uncanny X-Men Masterworks Vol 5 is back down to normal size. Thank you to you or Cory or whoever for fixing that.

A: Cory, Jeff, Mark, Jen (I just help decide which titles to choose and when to schedule)

Q: Have you guys given any thought to a Marvel Team-Up HC? I'm really liking Kirkman's run so far, and would gladly buy it all again as a HC.

A: no plans right now, but you never know...it is great!

Q: It's greatly appreciated that efforts have been made to get those reproductions in order Keep it up! I have quite a few requests for reprints such as Captain Marvel, Inhumans, Invaders, and the GA and silver age Sub-Mariner. Another volume of Kirby Captain America to follow the Madbomb would be bought. Marvel has a rich history of reprint opportunity. Continue the tradition!

A: wait, these aren't questions...

Lots of reprints coming your way. The more I get told at the office that we cannot do something the more you will see things like Marvel Weddings, Marvel Giant Size...and some of the requests you mentioned.

More Kirby everything coming throughout the year!

Q: Like many folks on this board (I think), I don't buy the Ultimate line of comic books any more, I just wait for the HCs. Will there be a HC for the Ultimate Daredevil and Ultimate Elektra titles?

A: no plans right now, but I wouldn't rule that out ever

Q: Speaking of which, what about the trilogy of miniseries from Warren Ellis? Should I buy the Ultimate Nightmare trade when it comes out in a few months, or is it safe to assume there should be a HC?

A: you should of course get the trades, or the series of comics..something big is happening and even if there is a HC, you will have quite a long wait

Q: I recently picked up the Spider-Girl Vol 1 digest. I loved it. I'm going to order Spider-Girl Vol 2 next week, and I'll be getting the following digests in the series. Is there any sort of schedule for the Spider-Girl digets to come out? Like a new one every 4 or 6 months? Or will it be irregular, just depending on how much room you have on the schedule?

A: Spider-girl will be coming out every 3 months or so for the time being. BIG plans in the Marvel 2 U in the coming months. Announcement coming soon.

Q: Any chance of Ant Man and Torch?

A: 2006 is just getting planned now...

Q: Any chance on focusing on other characters to "catch up" date-wise? (FF is at 1969, while Thor and Iron Man end in 1965; Hulk and Doc Strange barely make it to 1966).

A: yes wait and see

Q: Will you venture into Bronze Age before completing Silver Age. (This is sort of related to #2; ie. will we see FF make it to 1972 before we get a Cap. America Vol 2?)

A: we are not bound by completing anything first, just by getting out what we think is going to be in demand. (does that make sense)

Q: Any plans to add new characters to the Masterworks line, even if that means going into Bronze Age (ie. Defenders, Invaders, Nova, Iron Fist, Capt Marvel)?

A: I will just say Yes to this...without giving too much away just yet.

Q: Will Marvel be applying this new restoration process employed on the Cap masterwork to the previously released golden age material? In other words, if Marvel were to ever go back to press on golden age Marvel Comics, can we expect a quality improvement in the second printing?

A: If we ever reach the point of doing a second printing, we would definitely use the new process.

Q: Peter David Hulk Visionaries line. Will it continue?

A: Oh yes, there's more Peter David on the horizon.

Q: I know it's listed on Amazon, but often times things change. When will the first Brubaker/Epting/Lark CAPTAIN AMERICA collection be out?

A: I think this is probably going to be in August.

Q: Speaking of Cap, any plans for a Cap specific Handbook? I'm not as well versed with Marvel characters as I am DC, and Brubaker's Cap thus far has gotten me interested in his allies and foes.

A: nothing planned just for Cap this year, but he will be featured later in the year in an issue

Q: Can you give us any info on upcoming essentials?

A: Just that we have some good things cooked up....

Q: When will we know the Marvel Masterworks for June, in addition to the Golden Age Sub-Mariner?

A: sometime in the middle of March

Q: Can we assume the "surprise" Masterwork you mentioned for November / December is a Golden Age Masterwork? Any clues?

A: Golden age yes

Q: Can we expect a new Marvel Masterworks #1 this year?

A: maybe 2

Q: I should add though that when I asked about a new #1, I was referring to a non-Golden Age Masterworks. I've just realised there are at least 3 #1 Golden Age Masterworks this year... (Cap, Sub, and Torch)

A: Okay then make it 6.

Q: Thanks for the expanded line-up on the Steve Ditko HC. I can't believe you guys are giving us FIVE separate stories from Amazing Adult Fantasy. I'm looking forward to that book even more than I was before. I think there's quite a few of us on this board that are hoping that a healthy Masterworks program could eventually lead to some non-superhero Masterworks a few years down the line (like maybe 3-5 years). In the meantime, thanks for giving us those stories now.

A: But I will just add that you won't have to wait 3-5 years for them...maybe 2006.

Q: Was the Marvel Collected Editions department influenced at all by the results of Gormuu's survey from last November? Did you guys sit down and say "Hey, look at how popular this book would be"?

A: yes, we did.

Q: Does Marvel plan on reprinting any of the Roger Stern AVENGERS run?

A: Yes, Avengers: Kang Time and Time Again will come out in May (an unnannounced classic) and I think there is a Roger Stern tale in there. (someone correct me if I am wrong)

Q: Does Marvel plan on re-printing John Byrne's first run on AVENGERS (179-190 I think)?

A: Maybe...how about AWC

Q: Will there be a Walt Simonson THOR Legends vol.4?

nothing scheduled

Q: Can I have your job?


Q: I'm intrigued by the new HC format for the New Avengers, and the Wolverine Enemy of the State. I'm wondering if they will be comic size instead of the oversize editions we've been getting.

A: Yes, these new HC's will be at the standard TPB (also comic) size. They will be called Marvel Premiere Editions.

Q: Is there sufficient demand for romance reprints? Monster reprints?

A: I don't know about demand, but I know I would like to see them...

Q: Also, the over-sized Visionaries are a real treat. Other candidates might be John Buscema, Kane, Steranko, Starlin and Adams. And lest we forget, how about an over-sized Tales of Asgard?

A: Hopefully you will like (love) the Best of the Fantastic Four HC in May....

Q: Now that the Dream's End and Eve of Destruction trades have come out / are being released, are there any more trades from that period in the pipeline?

A: Yes.

Q: Any spinoff books by a particular writer on the way (e.g Weinberg's Cable or Simone's Deadpool/Agent X)?

A: not that I know of.

Q: Is consideration being given to the 50s mystery books, such as Strange Tales from #1 on?

A: 2005 is pretty much planned out so maybe 2006, we have a lot to catch up with

Q: Is it possible that the early 70s mystery books and black and white magazines (Zombie, Vampire Tales, Unknown Worlds..., Chamber of Darkness, Tower of Shadows, etc.) might possibly get a masterworks treatment in some form?

A: We are thinking of doing more volumes like Blade black and white with some of those magazines

Q: What are the actual chances of a Captain Marvel masterwork in the next few years?

A: mm always a possiblity...

Q: Would Marvel consider reprinting the 50s revival of Cap/Torch/SUB-MARINER before getting too far along with the Golden Age reprints of the same characters?

A: no, we'd probably stick with the 30's and 40'd first

Q: Is it possible that Golden Age Vision by Kirby might get the reprint (masterwork?) treatment at some point before volumes of Marvel Mystery Masterworks get to it all? That would be a most welcome surprise!

A: not that much demand for Vision, unless he got a new series

Q: Any support in house for a Bill Everett Visionaries? (GA Subby, Atomic Age Subby, Fin, Venus, Marvel Boy, Zombie & other mystery stories, Dr. Strange, Bronze Age Sub-Mariner..what a blast that would be!)

A: we are considering everyone

Q: Will we be seeing the regular one SA Masterwork per month this year, or is there a chance we'll see more than one in a given month, especially toward Christmas season?

A: The scheduling is tricky. Right now for 2005 we have one SA per month, we'll have (at this point) 4 more golden age Masterworks, and after the Stan Lee Visionaries hits the shelves, we have 4 more Visionaries in the works.

Plus Essentials every month, two or three months we'll be doubling up and that will be the months that we do not have a GA Masterwork or Visionaries book...does that make sense?

Q: This may be more Cory's territory, but could you tell us yet if X-Men 5 will contain the solo Angel stories?

A: That one is for Cory. Where did they appear?

Q: Wolverine: Enemy of the State and New Avengers are hinted at being part of this new Marvel Premiere Edition line of hardcovers. Does this new initiative have room for fan-favorites like She-Hulk that might not be big sellers? This title in particular has a real grass-roots movement of support behind it, and a HC for books like that might serve to increase its profile in an important psychological way. What do you think?

A: Honestly, I think we would have to see the trade of She Hulk selling out completely and then huge demand for more. This is not to say that the quality does not demand the new treatment, only time will tell. Plus we need to test out the new format first.

Q: Who determines which series/characters are released on CD? There's been a hint of FF. Are more on the way?

A: Publishing is not involved in those things at all. sorry

Q: Will we see this year:

1-Ult SM vol.6 HC
2-DD vol. 4 HC
3-Ult. FF vol.1 HC
4-masterworks Avengers vol.5

A: Yes definitely. Although I am not quite sure if USM 6 makes it into this year or next.

Q: For trades or Masterworks that aren't selling well how about a reward program? A coupon is enclosed with new trades and/or Masterworks. The customer can then mail in the coupons to get a free trade or Masterwork. Customer pays postage.

A: probably wouldn't work...we don't have a fulfillment center to do this.

Q: Also will we see:

1-Bronze Age Avengers TPBs
2-Waid/Ringo complete FF run in HC
3-Hcs for Busiek/perez run beyond vol.2

A: Oh yes (right after the summer), if vol 2 does well, and ditto

Q: Any chance we might we some Invaders 70's material in an essential/masterworks/tpb?

A: Giant Size Invaders #1 will be in Giant Size Marvel in May....the Invaders are my favorites...so only a matter of time before they are somewhere..

Q: reading the what if? invaders story really made me crave some more Invaders. Speaking of which when is what if vol.2 coming?

A: Vol 1 was pretty well received so hopefully we can set vol 2 into the schedule in the next few months.

Q: Not sure if this has already been asked, but Miracleman reprints yay or nay?

A: nothing that I know of

Q: I enjoyed Ann Nocenti/John Romita Jr.'s rendition of Daredevil. (Their run) started on issue 250 and gave us stories with Typhoid Mary, Kingpin, Blackheart and Mephisto. There were also team-ups with Spider-Man, Human Torch, Punisher, Inhumans and Silver Surfer. In my opinion this is some of the best Daredevil tales ever. Will this series be reprinted?

A: Oh right, the whole X-Men Inferno crossed over here at some point. I would love to get some of those out. I'll put them on the wish list for 2006! I think they are already there though to be honest.

Q: Are there plans for reprinting Jack Kirby's Eternals in the near future?

A: We do discuss this

Q: I enjoyed talking to Mike Ploog at a recent comic book convention here in Norway. Are there plans for a Ploog Marvel Visionaries? And what about a similar book with Bill Sienkiewicz' work?

A: Again, we are looking at everyone from Marvel's past

Q: I keep my fingers crossed for Essential Nova and Essential Moon Knight. Any plans for these series?

A: Funny I just brought these ideas up on Friday. Always a possible

Q: Will the new Astonishing X-Men series be given the Marvel Premiere HC, or the oversized HC?

A: It is probably a good idea...since these are pretty new, we haven't made that decision just yet.

Q: Will the Iron Man Masterworks vol.1 be going back to print when vol.2 comes out in May?

A: If backorders increased enough to show demand for volume 1 yes. Right now there are no plans, but that could change.

Q: Any chance of an Essential Sgt Fury (lots of Kirby- could appeal the the Kirby collectors)? How about a line of reprints with the Ditko/Lee Amazing Adult Fantasy. Ditko seems to be have some interest with the various vlumes being produces of (mostly) his Charlton work?

A: This stuff is all within the realm of possibilities. Just remember we don't want to have too many books out at once...

Q: David, why haven't we seen a Firestorm Archives yet? Don't you think we've waited long enough?

A: If I were there there would have been a Firestorm Archives that collected the first five issues, his solo stories in Flash, and then the first few Fury of Firestorm issues.

Q: I was pleased to see Rawhide Kid #17 reprinted in the Kirby Visionaries book. Are there currently any plans for more Western reprints?

A: I would love to get something onto the 2006 schedule.

Q: X-men vignettes vol. 2 and 3 ?

A: check Marvel Previews in a few months

Q: best of Spider-man vol. 4 HC (as vol. 3 ended in the middle of a TPB...)

A: yes I thnk so

Q: X-men masterworks volumes to go to X-men 66, of course... ?

A: surely

Q: Uncanny X-men masterworks vol. 6 to get rid of my brand new days of future past tpb ?

A: maybe 2006

Q: any chance to get Uncanny X-men 400-409 and annuals 2000 and 2001 in a tpb ?

A: nothing planned right now

Q: As asked in a previous reply, any chance to get the first Captain Britain stories in a third Captain Britain TPB ?

A: no plans but with Cap making his Ultimate U debut in Ultimates it is more likely to be considered

Q: Any chance to get a reprint of the She-Hulk TPB ? May be with the Graphic Novel included ?

A: not right now

Q: Given the popularity of Tomb of Dracula are you guys considering a (cash cow) Masterwork?

A: Not yet

Q: Can we expect an Eternals (kirby) collection any time soon, and will it be TPB or HC?

A: possible

Q: Any plans for others 70s TPBs like Marvel 2 in one, Marvel team up, Nova, Peter parker the Spectacular Spider-man?

A: by end of 2005 at least one more (you did get the new PPTSS Essentials, right?

Q: What is the status of your relationship with Barnes & Noble in regards to the softcover Masterworks? If there no longer is a working relationship with them are there still any plans to continue this line via other means?

A: I'd rather just discuss Marvel's Publishing schedule, not BN's...sorry.

Q: Will we see the Lee-Kirby Rawhide Kid in Masterworks, Essentials, or some other format? Will we see a collected Amazing Adult Fantasy in some form? Will there be an Ant-Man Masterworks? Human Torch Masterworks? Sgt. Fury in Masterworks, Essentials, or some other format? Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, Masterworks? Captain Marvel Masterworks?

A: All I will say is that these are all possiblities, though not all of them are on the schedule right now for 2005

Q: ok everybody...all at once....yell...

We want Defenders!
We want Defenders!
We want Defenders!
We want Defenders!

A: Check Marvel Preivews for May books for Defenders info....

Q: Please think about tracking down the license again so you can put out an Essential Care Bears. It's near-impossible to find the original Star Comics issues at anything approaching a decent price. My daughter would love such a book if Marvel made one available. Care Bears are surprisingly huge right now. Tap that market!

A: I would love Care Bears, Ewoks, Droids, etc...but I don't really see it happening...sorry

Q: What about those new Masterworks volume 1s, great one?

A: We should have 1 or 2 number 1s later in the year. (Non GA.)

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