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Marvel Masterworks aren't the only place you can get your fix for classic Marvel Comics. As you know, the Masterworks series starts from the very beginning and slowly but judiciously moves forward through time, collecting everything in one line of books. However, there's a whole bunch of great material that Marvel has to reprint that will take years to get to through Masterworks, and in those cases, you can expect to see the material in a trade paperback!

The other pages of the MarvelMasterworks.com's Trade Paperback Library focus on the "Current Era" of comics, what I have aribitrarily determined to fall after the Onslaught/Heroes Reborn Era in the late 1990s. Since that time, Marvel has put out a lot of quality comics, but they aren't the comics most of us grew up on! But Marvel isn't taking us for granted just because we like old-school comics, no sir! They're serving it up pretty heavy, as you can tell if you look down in this very column and scope out the Upcoming Trade Schedule list!

Marvel has delivered a ton of AVENGERS titles in trade, with the Kree/Skrull and Avengers/Defenders War seeing print. Heck, even West Coast Avengers have gotten their due! JACK KIRBY has seen his library of late 70s material grow, with volumes of CAPTAIN AMERICA & THE FALCON and BLACK PANTHER! FRANK MILLER'S DAREDEVIL is available in full in the Visionaries series, and JOHN BYRNE'S FANTASTIC FOUR and WALT SIMONSON'S THOR are nearing the same status!

Also included on this library page are Marvel Comics from the past for which Marvel no longer has the license, but which are being reprinted by other companies, notably STAR WARS and CONAN THE BARBARIAN, both of which are being reprinted by DARK HORSE COMICS.

If you're a fan of classic Marvel Comics, between the books on this page and the MASTERWORKS LIBRARY, you'll have PLENTY of reading material!

- - Your pal in comix, Gormuu

Upcoming Marvel Trade Paperbacks: CLASSIC ERA

Fantastic Four Visionaries: Walt Simonson Vol. 1
reprints Fantastic Four #334-341
DUE 5/2

Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne Vol. 7
reprints Fantastic Four #285-286 and Annual #19, Avengers #263 and Annual #14 and X-Factor #1
DUE 6/13

Captain America: War & Remembrance * new printing *
reprints Captain America #247-255
DUE 7/5

Invaders Classic Vol. 1
reprints Invaders #1-9, Giant-Size Invaders #1 and Marvel Premiere #29-30
DUE 7/5

Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 4
reprints Incredible Hulk #355-363 and Marvel Comics Presents #26, 45
DUE 7/11

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Avengers Avengers Black Panther

Kree/Skrull War
Avengers/Defenders War
Celestial Madonna
The Serpent Crown
Legends 2: Korvac Saga
Legends 3: G. Perez 1
Under Siege
Galactic Storm 1
Galactic Storm 2
Heroes Reborn: Avengers


Kang: Time& Time Again
WCA: Vision Quest
Vision and Scarlet Witch

By Jack Kirby Vol. 1
By Jack Kirby Vol. 2
Captain America Conan Daredevil

Secret Empire
Kirby 1: Madbomb
Kirby 2: Bicentennial Battles
Kirby 3: The Swine
Bloodstone Hunt
Heroes Reborn: Cap
Operation: Rebirth
Man Without A Country

1: Tower of the Elephant
2: Rogues in the House
3: Monster of Monoliths
4: Red Nails
5: Shadow in the Tomb
6: Curse of Golden Skull
7: Dweller in the Pool
8: Tower of Blood
9: River Dragons
10: Giants Walk the Earth


DD vs. Bullseye
Visionaries: Miller 1
Visionaries: Miller 2
Visionaries: Miller 3
Love's Labors Lost
Legends 2: Born Again
Legends 4: Typhoid Mary
Excalibur Fantastic Four G.I. Joe

1: Sword Is Drawn
2: Two-Edged Sword
3: Cross-Time Caper Book 1

Visionaries: Perez 1
Visionaries: Perez 2
Visionaries: Byrne 1
Visionaries: Byrne 2
Visionaries: Byrne 3
Visionaries: Byrne 4
Visionaries: Byrne 5
Visionaries: Byrne 6
Heroes Reborn: FF


Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Vol. 3
Vol. 4
Vol. 5
Incredible Hulk Iron Man Marvel Compilations

Visionaries: David 1
Visionaries: David 2
Visionaries: David 3
Ghost of the Past

Demon In A Bottle
Armor Wars
Heroes Reborn: Iron Man

FF/Spider-Man Classic
Giant-Size Marvel
Golden Age of Marvel 1
Golden Age of Marvel 2
Marvel Romance
Marvel Weddings
Visionaries: Gil Kane
Visionaries: Steranko
Women of Marvel 1


Marvel Crossovers Marvel Universe New Mutants

Secret Wars
Infinity War
Infinity Gauntlet

Alpha Flight Classic Vol. 1
Blade: Black and White
Captain Britain
Captain Universe
Earth X
Universe X Book 1
Ghost Rider Team-Up
Life & Death of
Captain Marvel
Omega the Unknown
Skrull Kill Krew
Punisher: River of Blood
Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos

Classic Vol. 1
Classic Vol. 2

Dr. Strange
A Separate Reality
Montesi Formula

New Universe
Star Brand Vol. 1


Classic Vol. 1
Classic Vol. 2
Classic Vol. 3


Nick Fury Spider-Man Squadron Supreme

Agent of SHIELD
Who Is Scorpio?


Death of Captain Stacy
Death of Gwen Stacy
Kraven's Last Hunt
Vision. 2: McFarlane 1
Legends 2: McFarlane 2
Legends 3: McFarlane 3
Visionaries: Busiek 1
Visionaries: Romita, Sr.
Saga of the Sandman
Spidey vs. Black Cat
Spidey vs. Silver Sable
The Birth of Venom


Squadron Supreme
Death of a Universe


Star Wars Thor What If?

1: Doomworld
2: Dark Encounters
3: Resurrection of Evil
4: Screams in the Void
5: Fool's Bounty
6: Wookie World
7: Far, Far Away


Eternals Saga Vol. 1
Eternals Saga Vol. 2
Visionaries 1: Simonson
Legends 2: Simonson
Legends 3: Simonson

Classic Vol. 1
Classic Vol. 2
Classic Vol. 3
Wolverine X-Men X-Men Crossovers

MCP Vol. 1
MCP Vol. 2
MCP Vol. 3
MCP Vol. 4
Classic Vol. 1
Classic Vol. 2
Classic Vol. 3
Classic Vol. 4

Uncanny X-Men
Dark Phoenix Saga
Days of Future Past
From the Ashes
Old Soldiers
Vignettes Vol. 1
Vignettes Vol. 2

Mutant Genesis

Visionaries: David Vol. 1
Visionaries: David Vol. 2


Mutant Massacre
Fall of the Mutants
Complete AoA Book 1
Complete AoA Book 2
Complete AoA Book 3
Complete AoA Book 4