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Avengers Masterworks Vol. 7
Regular Edition Cover

Vol. 84: Avengers
Variant Edition Cover

Marvel Masterworks: Avengers Volume 7

Reprints: Avengers #59-68, Marvel Super-Heroes #17

(Vol. 84 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

First Print
Release Date: October 17, 2007

REGULAR EDITION ISBN: 0-7851-2680-5 • List Price: $54.99
VARIANT EDITION ISBN: 0-7851-2681-5 • List Price: $54.99

256 Pages

Scripted by Roy Thomas

Penciled by John Buscema, Gene Colan, Barry Windsor-Smith, Sal Buscema and Howard Purcell

Foreword by Roy Thomas



Earth's Mightiest Heroes assemble once again under the banner of the crème de la crème of comics collections - the Marvel Masterworks! Joined by the titanic talents of John Buscema, Gene Colan, and Barry Windsor-Smith, Avengers scribe Roy Thomas elevates the intrigue to a fever pitch in yet another watershed collection.

Featuring Hank Pym's first turn as Yellowjacket, Hawkeye's metamorphosis into Goliath, the wedding of Giant-Man and the Wasp, a solo adventure with the Black Panther, and building to a boil with a battle against the one and only Ultron, we dare you to catch your breath while reading this classic collection! And to top it all off, we're including Roy Thomas and Howard Purcell's rare Black Knight tale from the pages of Marvel Super-Heroes! Reserve that copy today, True Believer!

Collecting THE AVENGERS #59-68 and MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #17

(From the official Marvel solicit)

Issues Reprinted
Avengers #59-68 and Marvel Super-Heroes #17


AVG #59

AVG #60

AVG #61

AVG #62

AVG #63

AVG #64

AVG #65

AVG #66

AVG #67

AVG #68

MSH #17


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