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Welcome to the hub page for all the different areas of Marvel Comics past that could be visited by Masterworks! Each section of maps, linked to the right of this sidebar introduction, details one of the many different worlds of Marvel Comics, from the Golden Age that dawned in 1939, up to the 80s and 90s!

To access each page, just click on the image for the section which you'd like to go to. Each section is clearly marked: Golden Age covers the superhero comics of the Marvel line before Fantastic Four, with maps of a dizzying array of potential titles. Silver Age carries maps of all the superhero books of the Marvel Age of comics, plus the "Atomic Age" monster comics, as well as other odds and ends from the period. The maps to take care of the Bronze Age comics of the 1970s were so many that it takes two pages to cover them all! Also, there is a page dedicated to the best comics of the 80s & 90s, hidden under the link titled Modern Age.

Then there are What If? pages dedicated to the many genres that Marvel has dabbled in over time. The Horror page has maps that account for the many horror, fantasy and strange mystery titles from Marvel's Golden Age. Check out the Western What If? page for the cowboys, cowgirls, outlaws and Native American Indians that populated the landscape of Golden Age and Silver Age Marvel comics. I've combined all Crime & War Comics to one page, so you can have access to maps that cover the pulp comics and battlefield exploits of the Golden Age. And finally, Millie the Model, Patsy Walker, My Love Story and every funny animal we can squeeze into their own maps are to be found at the What If? page linked from the Laugh & Love image. (It's a hoot!)

The maps were put together by a staunch crew of zealous Masterworks advocates, primarily Cleazer, Gary UK and Steve Rogers. Mockup images have been provided by David Spofforth and Scarlet Spider. And yours truly, Gormuu, is doing his level best to keep things going! On behalf of the What If? crew, I hope you all enjoy these pages. Much of this section of the site is still under construction, so check back often to see if titles you're interested have received any attention.

And just to clarify, these maps are all squarely in the land of "make believe." This is our best guess at what may lie ahead, and under no circumstances do we say with a straight face that Marvel could, should, or will print a Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal Masterworks! But the potential viability of a particular Masterworks is less important to us than imagining...."What If....?"

-- by Gormuu


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(This list will track all new maps added over the last thirty days. Some new maps may lack mockup images at the time they are uploaded.)


8/15: War Action Vol. 1
War Adventures Vol. 1
Young Men On The Battlefield

8/13: Sgt. Barney Barker Vol. 1
War Comics Vol 1-5

8/11: Navy Action Vol. 1-2
Navy Combat Vol 1-2


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